The Secret to a Boosted Libido Is This

sex and sleepYou may not realize this, but the secret to a better sex life actually lies in your bed. Sure, the most common place to have sex is in a bed, but research suggests you need to do another habit in bed first to boost your libido.

Sleep is an integral part of overall good health, but it’s especially important for your sex life.


Roughly one in three Americans don’t get enough sleep and nearly half of women and one-third of men have concerns about their sex life.

Low sex drive and poor sleep tend to share the same underlying culprit — stress. When you’re stressed out, you aren’t sleeping because there is too much on your mind. Furthermore, you’re not in the mood. It’s a vicious cycle, really.

Reports also suggest that for women, obtaining an extra hour of sleep increases the chance of a sexual encounter the following day by 14 percent. Furthermore, the more sleep a woman gets, the more aroused she will feel.

For men, lack of sleep is tied to lower testosterone levels, which is a key hormone in libido. Other studies have revealed that men who have sleep apnea are at a higher risk for erectile dysfunction.


On the other side of the sex-sleep connection, some studies have shown lack of sex to be a contributing factor to poor sleep. This is because after orgasm, the “love hormone” is released, which improves sleep. For women especially, more estrogen is released after orgasm, which contributes to a deeper sleep. For men, the release of prolactin post-orgasm helps them nod off quicker.

As you can see, sex and sleep share more than their first letter, and the two really go hand-in-hand. If you want to boost your sex life, get more sleep, and if you want to get more sleep, have more sex!



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