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Not All Aches and Pains Are Created Equal

Aches and pains are one of the drawbacks of aging. Regardless of your physical condition, some knee, neck, or back pain seems to be unavoidable. Sometimes it’s nothing. Maybe you slept in an awkward position, spent a lot of time on your legs one day, or really taxed your muscles with a good workout. But here to read more

People with Migraines May Get Less Quality of Sleep Time Compared to People Who Don’t

Good quality sleep is crucial for overall health. But for people with migraines, they may be getting less quality REM sleep time compared to those without migraines. According to a study published in Neurology, the American Academy of Neurology journal, both children and adults get less total sleep time. However, children with migraines took less here to read more

Handling That Pain in Your Neck

I get it. Your kids and neighbors can get on your case and be a real pain in the neck. Sometimes real neck pain can hit too. Maybe it even started hurting when you were handling the living, breathing neck pains. Connecting your head and torso is a collection of vertebrae that make up your here to read more

People with Osteoarthritis Need to Improve Their Sleep and Exercise to Reduce Pain

People with osteoarthritis can find pain relief in the right balance of sleep and exercise. For over 32 million Americans living with osteoarthritis pain, it’s vital to understand the lifestyle behaviors that can help reduce symptoms. Patients living with osteoarthritis are often told to exercise to help reduce pain, but it becomes a deterrent for here to read more


Treating Chronic Pain Is Good for Your Brain

There is no shortage of links between the body and mind. And recent research shows that when your body hurts for too long, it may have a devastating effect on mental health. A recent study found that people experiencing chronic pain are far more likely to have all-cause dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or a stroke. These here to read more

Improving Blood Flow May Help with Pain Relief

If you’re experiencing some pain in your back, knee, or arms, you might not have to worry or reach for a Tylenol. Instead, you might want to think about getting your blood moving. Sometimes a lack of circulation is a contributor to joint pain. Blood flow helps relax joints and reduce stiffness, thereby contributing to here to read more

Managing Migraines

When I was a kid, I suffered from terrible migraine headaches. Thankfully, I grew out of it, but I’ll never forget the pain. You might not be as lucky as me. Migraines could still attack your life unexpectedly, ripping apart your plans, adding stress, and putting you through periods of extensive pain. I was thinking here to read more

Is Your Headache Trying to Tell You Something?

Headaches may be the most anxiety-inducing ailment. They are extremely common, rarely serious, yet quickly send people’s minds to a very dark place. This is especially trying in 2021 because they’ve been included on the list of COVID-19 symptoms, while they can also indicate a blood clot, a rare side effect of some COVID-19 vaccines. here to read more