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Mindful Meditation Reduces Pain by Interrupting the Communication between Brain Areas Involved in Pain

Mindful meditation has been shown to be an effective way to reduce pain. This is because it interrupts the communication between the different regions of the brain that are involved in the experience of pain. By learning how to focus attention on one’s breath and bodily sensations, people can train their brains to better deal here to read more

The Role of Acupuncture in the Treatment of Headache

According to new research, if you suffer from headaches, acupuncture may be able to provide some relief. Headache is one of the most common health complaints, affecting more than 45 million Americans yearly. While many over-the-counter and prescription medications are available to treat headaches, these medications often come with unwanted side effects. But, in some here to read more


Osteoarthritis Is Becoming More Common. Here’s What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

Recent data has shown a massive increase in osteoarthritis cases in recent decades. To stop yourself becoming one of these statistics, it could be time to get moving. Osteoarthritis is a chronic joint disease that causes pain, disability, and loss of function. It is caused by “wear and tear” on joints, typically from repeated use here to read more

Try These Moves to Help Silence Back Pain

Back pain, a lot of time, can be unexplainable. If you didn’t injure it, why, then, does it feel like you did? Back pain has a lot to do with strength and mobility. When the muscles and ligaments in your core get weaker with age, common movements like twisting, stretching, and bending, can become more here to read more

People with Chronic Pain Due to Spinal Cord Injury Have More Risk of Mental Health Issues

A new study published in Spinal Cord has found that adults living with chronic pain due to spinal cord injury have an increased risk of developing mental health problems compared to people without the injury. These psychological issues include conditions such as depression and anxiety. The study by a Michigan Medicine team of researchers analyzed here to read more

Try Tai Chi To Improve Posture and Relieve Pain

If you’re looking for a New Year’s resolution, consider tai chi. It may offer several benefits, including better posture, balance, and pain relief. Tai chi has several “ingredients” that target various parts of the body in many ways. Instead of being like one drug used to focus on one ailment, tai chi is more comparable here to read more

Foods That Might Trigger Migraines

Anybody who suffers from migraines knows how they can upend your day. The pain can be unbearable, and they can hit out of the blue, leaving many victims essentially incapacitated. Sometimes the cause is completely unexplainable. Experts have identified various triggers, like stress, sleep, medications, and more, but it’s hard to determine a firm number here to read more

Why You May Be Experiencing Uncomfortable Tingling in Your Feet

If you’ve been experiencing tingling, numbness, pins and needles, or burning pain in your feet, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, you’re part of a growing number of Americans. New research is suggesting that “small fiber neuropathy” is on the rise, leading to a more significant number of Americans experiencing symptoms in their feet. Although here to read more

What Can You Do About Your Knee Pain?

The knees, the knees. The knees may have little competition when it comes to the most at-risk joint. Ankles may be slightly more prone to injury, but they always seem way easier to deal with. Perhaps because sore knees hurt more, or the potential for surgery looms large. Even slight pain in the knees can here to read more