Mental health update 2017: Mental exhaustion, catatonic depression, dementia signs, essential oils for stress

mental-exhaustionWe would not be able to do much in this world without a healthy brain. This delicate organ is housed within our skull, keeping it relatively safe from external hazards. However, other factors affecting its ability to perform its function may be insidious in nature, leading to mental illness.

As we age, every one of us feels a little bit slower mentally then we once were. It can be a frustrating time, and we feel our readers should be informed about all aspects of various medical conditions. For your weekly health news roundup, we have compiled a list of our best articles on mental illness. You will find information on mental exhaustion, catatonic depression, and dementia signs. We have also included a helpful article on essential oils for stress relief that may be even as effective as some pharmaceutical remedies.

Mental exhaustion: Symptoms, causes, and recovery tip


Mental exhaustion is a common occurrence and is a result of brain over-activity. Feelings of being overwhelmed by tasks at work or responsibilities to children and family members can leave you with feelings of frustration and mental unrest. You may also find yourself becoming envious of others you perceive as being more relaxed or laid back, as your level of mental stress can make you detest those who seem to have it easier. Continue reading

catatonic-depressionHow to treat catatonic depression? Symptoms and causes

Catatonic depression is a subset of depression that is characterized by additional symptoms of extended periods without speaking and remaining motionless for a long time. The term catatonic is not a separate illness in itself, but rather considered an additional part of an already present diagnosis. Other illnesses such as post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia could also have catatonia has a distinction. Continue reading

virtual-reality-technologymay-be-useful-in-treating-mental-health-issuesVirtual reality technology may be useful for treating mental health issues

The virtual reality technology that has been popularized by video games may also be of use to doctors in treating patients with a variety of mental health issues. A technology firm from Lithuania that currently develops mobile applications has asserted that the use of virtual reality technology may be effective in treating mental health issues through exposure therapy.

Exposure therapy works by gradually exposing a patient to his or her phobia in order to help them build a tolerance to it. The use of virtual reality headsets would allow patients to be exposed to their fear in a safe and controlled environment while still receiving the benefit of the therapy. Continue reading

memory-loss10 signs of dementia you need to know about


Memory loss is a growing concern worldwide as populations continue to age. Rates of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are climbing and are expected to double. As we age, there is some normal memory loss that we experience that is harmless. But how can you tell the difference between normal age-related memory loss and dementia?
Here are 10 signs that reveal your memory loss is something more serious and that you should see your doctor to be screened for dementia. Continue reading

essential-oilsHow to use essential oils for stress relief

The use of essential oils for stress relief is just one of the many applications for these versatile liquids. There are many different essential oils that, with the proper application, can be used as an effective remedy for many ailments. Chronic stress is one of the most common reasons people turn to essential oil treatment.

While there are effective pharmaceutical remedies to combat excessive amounts of stress, they often come with several negative side effects and can become quite addictive. Essential oils for stress relief provide a more natural and organic alternative, working to enhance your lifestyle while lessening stress levels. Continue reading


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