Lower your risk of bladder infections with this exercise

UTI Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are a common occurrence, particularly among women. There are several different reasons for a UTI to develop such as dehydration, obesity, constipation, removal of the prostate gland, drinking too much caffeine, or the use of certain medications.

Although women are more likely to experience UTIs than men, it doesn’t mean that men are immune. Furthermore, the risk of men developing UTIs may increase as a result of lack of a specific exercise.

Pelvic floor muscle exercises help reduce UTIs in men


Pelvic floor muscle exercises, such as Kegels, may benefit men just as much as women to reduce the risk of UTIs. These exercises help improve the strength of the pelvic floor, which can help control urine flow and bladder.
Dr. Hilary Jones explained, “By exercising these muscles regularly, you can improve both the strength and endurance of your pelvic floor muscles, which helps you prevent urine leakage, among other benefits.”

Additional to improving your bladder health, exercising your pelvic floor muscles can also help reduce your risk of erectile dysfunction or nighttime leaks.

It is best advised that you begin training your pelvic floor muscles before there is a problem, so even if you are not experiencing UTIs, urine leaks, or erectile dysfunction, why not reduce your risk of these ailments by simply exercising your pelvic floor muscles.

But if you have never done this type of exercise, how can you know for sure you’re working the right muscles?
Well, you can easily identify your pelvic floor muscles by practicing starting and stopping your urine flow while urinating. If you’re still having difficulties locating these muscles, you can ask your doctor.


Dr. Jones has some helpful tips when beginning to exercise your pelvic floor muscles. “Initially, your pelvic floor muscles are not likely to be that strong, particularly if you weren’t aware of them, so there’s no need to have them work against gravity. Lying flat is a good way to initially feel that the correct muscles are working. As these muscles are hidden – surrounding the bladder – they’re not visible to the eye when you engage them, so you really need to concentrate.”

Clench your pelvic floor muscles for a few seconds and release and repeat the process up to 10 times or more. Avoid squeezing your buttocks or tightening your thighs or stomach.

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