Immune system update 2017: Boost weakened immune system and disorders

sleepingOur immune system is the first line of defense against foreign invaders that would otherwise make us sick. Having a healthy immune system can be all that stands between you and getting that nasty cold that has been making the rounds. We at Bel Marra want our readers to be the healthiest they can be, especially in these colder months, so we have compiled our best articles boosting your immune system. You will also find information on various immune disorders, the reasons behind a weakened immune system, as well as the importance of sleep on your immune.

Sleep deprivation leads to weakened immune system: Study

Getting some well-needed rest can be all that’s necessary to feel great, as it grants your body and mind time to rejuvenate. However, due to the struggle of long work days—or the increased level of distraction this technologically inclined world offers—more and more people are becoming sleep deprived. So much so that over the past century, American citizens have been found to sleep an estimated 1.5 to 2 hours less, with working populations sleeping less than six hours a night. According to research from the University of Washington, this lack of sleep is leading to immune system suppression and a subsequent rise in illness. Continue reading

meditationSimple trick boosts your immune system


Nowadays, everyone’s looking for healthy and natural ways to combat stress, and meditation has been proven to be beneficial in this area of health. This explains why meditation is on the rise.

But other studies have shown additional benefits to meditating, like its ability to help boost your immune system. Continue reading

Eating carbs during or immediately after exercise may aid immune response

A vigorous workout can cause temporary unfavorable changes to the immune system as your body recovers from exercise, though a new study from Queensland University of Technology has found a way to combat this: carbs.

Researchers have discovered that consuming carbs throughout the course of your workout or immediately afterward can help the body restore its normal immune function faster. They believe these restorative effects come from the blood sugar regulating abilities found in healthy carbohydrates that can help lower your body’s response to stress and moderate any unwarranted response of the immune cells. Continue reading

Immune-disorders-linked-to-increased-risk-of-dementiaImmune disorders may be linked to increased risk of dementia: Study

A recent study has found an association between autoimmune diseases and a higher risk of developing dementia. Autoimmune diseases cause a person’s immune system to attack their body, and common examples include psoriasis, multiple sclerosis, and Crohn’s disease.

The study revealed that 18 out of 25 different autoimmune diseases studied “showed a statistically significant association with dementia,” according to co-author Dr. Michael Goldacre of the University of Oxford. Dr. Goldacre and his team asserted that while an association was found, there was no indication that autoimmune disease causes dementia. Continue reading


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