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Senile cataract: Stages, causes, symptoms, and treatment
Cataract surgery: Complications and recovery in elderly
Prevent cataracts naturally: Home remedies and diet
Dry macular degeneration: Causes, symptoms, and dry vs. wet AMD
What is cloudy vision and how to get rid of it?
Light flashes in the eye: Causes, symptoms, and treatment
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Acute angle closure glaucoma: Causes, symptoms, and treatment

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Healthy food at home. Happy family in the kitchen. Mother and children daughters are preparing the vegetables.

Best Foods for Eye Health

Healthy eyes are your window to the world. Maintaining clear vision, however, takes work. Your eyes are sensitive organs that can put up with abuse, but...

Vacationing Woman Wearing Face Mask on Sandy Beach..

Don’t Skimp on Sunglasses

Summer showed up fast and bright where I live. We went from cool and cloudy to hot and sunny in a matter of days, and it...

beauty girl cry

Be Thankful for Your Tears

Tears are annoying. Nobody really likes crying, even when it’s the result of life’s great joys. But you need tears. They lubricate and nourish your eyes...