Diabetes Facts: Data and Statistics

Diabetes was the seventh leading cause of death in the United States in 2010 based on the 69,071death certificates in which diabetes was listed as the underlying cause of death. In 2010, diabetes was mentioned as a cause of death in a total of 234,051 certificates. [2]

Diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States

Total: 29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes.
Diagnosed: 21.0 million people.
Undiagnosed: 8.1 million people (27.8% of people with diabetes are undiagnosed).[1]

Diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes among people aged 20 years or older, United States, 2012




Number with diabetes (millions)

Percentage with diabetes (unadjusted)

20 years or older



By age







65 years or older



Prediabetes among people aged 20 years or older, United States, 2012

In 2009−2012, based on fasting glucose or A1C levels, 37% of U.S. adults aged 20 years or older had prediabetes (51% of those aged 65 years or older). The percentage of U.S. adults aged 20 years or older with prediabetes in 2009−2012 was similar for non Hispanic whites (35%), non-Hispanic blacks (39%), and Hispanics (38%). [2]

Diagnosed diabetes among people younger than 20 years, United States, 2012

About 208,000 people younger than 20 years have diagnosed diabetes (type 1 or type 2). This represents 0.25% of all people in this age group. [2]

Treatment of diabetes among people aged 18 years or older with diagnosed diabetes, United States, 2010–2012

Number of adults using
diabetes medication* (millions)

Percentage using
diabetes medication

Insulin only



Both insulin and oral medication



Oral medication only



Neither insulin nor oral medication



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