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Chocolate Pills For Your Heart, Oh My!

Thursday, Apr. 10, 2014

78628998Rejoice chocolate lovers! How about getting your chocolate fix without taking in all the fat and sugar? No more chocolate guilt and stealing secret bites.

Too good to be true?

Researchers are working on a chocolate pill to prevent heart attacks and stroke, thanks to chocolate’s health-promoting properties. Now that’s a pill-full of medicine we can get happy about.

The idea behind these chocolate-filled capsules comes from the nutrients and benefits of dark chocolate, the darker the better.

The study …

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Microwaving Kills Food Nutrients? 9 Health Myths Busted

Monday, Feb. 3, 2014

179019172Stop right there: You’re heading out the door into the cold without a coat? You’ll catch your death – pneumonia! (My mom’s voice still has a piercing echo in my head.) Other familiar warnings for behaviors that will leave you dancing with Dr. Death could be going outside in winter without a hat or – gasp – with wet hair! Or cooking food in the microwave oven; it depletes your dinner of all its nutrients, so you become weak from …

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A Tie Between Heart Health and Breast Cancer…

Monday, Apr. 8, 2013

cardiac careIt’s a hot topic issue, and touches on two big areas of concern for both women and cancer patients in general. As it turns out there is a new link between a common breast cancer treatment and heart disease risk in women. For now, researchers are trying to flesh out the issues surrounding this new area of concern for a population of women who had a lot to worry about already…

Radiation and Dangers to the Heart – Really Not

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Daylight Savings Time and Your Heart Health

Monday, Mar. 18, 2013

heart diseaseYou might let Daylight Savings Time come and go and think the only thing that this time change really effects is your sleep schedule and routine, and it might be the case for many people, but there is a whole other worry that you might not expect. As it turns out the effect of the time change, namely the one that occurs in March, could have a serious impact on your heart, and heart attack risk as a whole.

One …

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