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Avoid this beverage for a healthy heart

Avoid this beverage for a healthy heartHave you ever been so tired that even coffee didn’t give you a pick-me-up, so you reached for an energy drink instead? It may seem harmless to gulp down an energy drink every now and then, just to get through …

Recovery from heart surgery aided by marriage: Study

ThinkstockPhotos-465539763Researchers have found that being married may aid in the recovery of heart surgery patients better than being widows, separated or divorced individuals. The study also revealed that those who never married had a 40 percent higher risk of death…

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is symptom for stroke, heart and kidney disease: Study

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is symptom for stroke, heart and kidney disease: StudyRestless leg syndrome has been found to increase the risk of stroke, heart disease and kidney disease.

Restless leg syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes a person to feel an overwhelming urge to move their legs when in an …

Nearly two bars of chocolate a day keeps heart attack and stroke away

eating chocolate good for heartSome like it nutty, others prefer caramel but one thing is undeniable, no matter what additions are put in your chocolate it’s bound to satisfy you. Chocolate is guilty pleasure which some of us simply can’t say no to. Whether …

4 tips to help cold hands and feet

4 tips to help cold hands and feetEver experience any numbness, pain or tingling in your hands, arms, feet and legs?

Plenty of people suffer from such circulation problems, whether they’re relatively minor, more severe or potentially life-threatening. That’s because cold temperatures make blood vessels in the …

Eat this every day to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke

Eat this to reduce your risk of heart disease and strokeWhen it comes to your heart health and reducing your risk of getting cardiovascular disease (CVD), it may be as easy as what you eat. In fact, new research suggests by incorporating whole grains into your diet, you’re highly benefiting …

Common ingredient is worse than salt for blood pressure

Hidden food ingredient that is raising your blood pressureWhether you’ve been diagnosed with high blood pressure or told you’re at risk of developing the same, you’ve likely been advised to limit your sodium intake. But new research shows that sugar – particularly the kind found in processed foods …

These 2014 breakthroughs can help your health problems

These 2014 breakthroughs can help your health problemsWe hear a lot about research underway, testing vaccines for Ebola, developing a new cancer treatment, or trialing nutrition methods to reverse type 2 diabetes.

But when does scientific study provide real-world medicine and treatment? More often than we may …

Sitting like this is bad for your heart

heart, blood pressureYou eat fairly healthy, you exercise and you even get ample amount of sleep most nights. But chances are that you’ve got a daily habit that isn’t doing your body any favors – and you don’t even know it.

Are …

Chewing gum protects your heart?

heart, heart diseaseIt’s time we all enjoyed a stick of gum to calm down and protect our hearts!

That goes for both men and women, whose behaviors (and underlying hormones) can affect their health in different ways.

A recent study caught my …

Next time you get blood work, ask this one question

blood, heartMaybe you are the type of person who isn’t in a rush when it comes time to have your blood taken. You wouldn’t be alone. The idea can make the best of us a little queasy.

Regardless of any fears …

Why getting a good cholesterol score can be bad for you

Cholesterol plays a significant role in your heart health. In fact, high blood cholesterol is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease and stroke.

What’s frightening is high cholesterol can often come without any warning signs, according to the …

Why the next few months are critical for your heart

blood pressure, heartI’ve started taking lukewarm showers in the morning, instead of my usual steamy 20 minutes of utter surrender and relaxation. You don’t need a lot of time, if you’re quick about it, to lather up and condition your hair.

A …

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