Weekly health news roundup: Heart disease, heart attack symptoms in women, Alzheimer’s, and benefits of yoga

Can you reverse heart disease?In case you missed it, here is Bel Marra Health’s weekly health news roundup, featuring information on heart disease and heart attack symptoms in women, Alzheimer’s disease, and the benefits of yoga.

Can you reverse heart disease?

Is it possible to reverse heart disease? Well, we know that regular exercise, stress reduction, watching your weight, and eating a healthy diet can definitely slow down heart disease progression, but can it be reversed altogether? Unfortunately, it cannot, though some damage can be undone through a healthy lifestyle.


Eating a certain diet and doing specific exercises can help reverse some of the symptoms of heart disease. This includes following a vegetarian diet, doing yoga, or even going for regular walks. For example, Dr. Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute explained that patients who enrolled in his program and were scheduled for a heart transplant no longer required it after the program. Continue reading…

Heart attack symptoms in women over 50: Facts on women and heart diseaseHeart attack symptoms in women over 50: Facts on women and heart disease

February 3 was National Wear Red Day, an event held by the American Heart Association that raises awareness about the high risk of heart disease among women. Women have nearly double the risk of dying due to a heart attack as men do, and education about the signs and symptoms is necessary in order to help reduce and prevent these potentially fatal events from occurring.

Continue reading to learn about the prevalence of heart disease in women, as well as how to identify common heart attack symptoms and what effect aging has on a women’s heart as she ages. Continue reading…

Grapes may help prevent Alzheimer’s: StudyGrapes may help prevent Alzheimer’s: Study

A recent study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles, has found that regularly consuming grapes may protect against the decline of metabolic activity in those with early memory decline, preventing Alzheimer’s.

Low metabolic activity in certain areas of the brain is a characteristic of the early stages of Alzheimer’s, and the study showed that eating grapes twice daily for six months not only protected these areas from metabolic decline, but also increased metabolic activity in other areas of the brain. The increased metabolic activity was found in regions that are linked to attention and working memory performance, and improvement was seen in both functions. Continue reading…

Six more reasons why you should be taking yogaSix more reasons why you should be taking yoga

While yoga is known for increasing flexibility and toning your muscles in a relaxed environment, the popular stretching exercise can provide you with a whole host of other benefits too.


Better immunity, healthier digestion, and increased brain function are just some ways this activity can help improve your quality of life. Keep reading to discover how practicing yoga can benefit your health and well-being. Continue reading…

Go camping to get a better sleepGo camping to get a better sleep

The key to getting a good night’s sleep may lie in simply spending more time outdoors, according to new research published in Current Biology. Technology-filled environments could be responsible for issues with our circadian rhythm and sleep timing, which causes us to have trouble falling and staying asleep.

Previous research has shown that exposure to electrical and artificial lighting can cause as much as a two-hour delay in our internal clocks and abnormal fluctuations in our melatonin levels, disrupting normal sleep patterns. However, results from this previous study revealed that a week spent in the natural summer sun was able to shift back the internal clock and could have people heading to bed earlier and sleeping for the same amount of time. Continue reading…


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