Latest Health Recipes

Hummus-Veggie Wrap

Hummus-Veggie WrapThis one is as easy and simple as it sounds, but also provides you with a good fix of protein, healthy fat and carbohydrates. Complete this healthy food lunch with a small handful of whole, natural nuts and an apple.Read More

Sauteed Mackerel

Sauteed MackerelMackerel is one of the least expensive fresh, wild fish you can purchase. It has a hearty flavor and meaty texture. This healthy food also features high levels of omega-3s. Sauté for an easy, healthy recipe that makes a quick dinner when you add a spinach salad and a side of quinoa.Read More

Green Stuffed Mushrooms

Category: Bone Health | Meal: Lunch, Dinner

green-stuffed-mushroomStuffed mushrooms are a party pleaser, but traditional versions are often full of fat and short on nutrition. This healthy recipe is different, using green vegetables and low fat feta cheese.Read More

Tuna Spaghetti

Tuna SpaghettiThis is not your mother’s tuna casserole. This healthy recipe takes canned tuna and elevates it to a meaty sauce to serve over whole grain spaghetti. Choose chunky light tuna packed in water. This healthy food comes from small tuna that do not have high levels of mercury, like albacore.Read More

Coconut Quinoa Pudding

Coconut Quinoa PuddingTop off your healthy meals with this satisfying, homey dessert. Instead of corn syrup-sweetened pudding, make a homemade one that uses healthy coconut oil, dried fruit and protein-rich quinoa. You’ll satisfy a sweet tooth without overdoing added sugars… Read More

Coconut Chicken Curry

Category: Heart Health | Meal: Dinner

Coconut Chicken CurryOil is not the enemy, especially when it comes to coconut oil, one of the It Foods for 2014.

While it may contain saturated fat, it’s a medium-chain saturated fat that enhances fat burning and improves your health. Consuming coconut oil can boost immunity, fight candida, enhance thyroid function and help control blood sugar levels….Read More

Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Coconut Oil Roasted Sweet PotatoesUse these roasted, nutty sweet potatoes to accent healthy meals like veggie burgers and salad, crispy baked fish or as a topping for soup. Think of them as a healthy version of French fries – without the trans fats and vegetable oils that harm your health….Read More