White Bean Extract: Is it for Real?

lose weightPeople’s diets have changed drastically over the past few decades. Diets now consist of high-fat, high-carbohydrate, and calorie packed foods that have added on pounds to millions of people. The change in the diets of has increased obesity levels in this country – approximately 25% of North American adults are obese. It is accepted that changes to diets and exercise regimens are the key to long term weight loss. However, people are always searching for weight loss aids. If you happen to be one of the people searching for a way to lose weight, you may have come across white bean extract in your search. White bean extract is heavily marketed as a weight loss aid and has gained popularity after recently being mentioned on the Dr. Oz television show.

According to Dr. Oz, white bean extract is a starch blocker. This means that it helps prevent carbohydrates consumed in diets from being absorbed by the body. He mentions that studies have shown that if your body absorbs fewer carbohydrates, you will lose weight and your metabolism will speed up. He recommends taking one supplement a day before a meal. He states that even with changes to diets, people may still have a hard time losing the last little bit of weight. He states that by taking supplements that contain white bean extract, you will have better luck losing the “last 10 stubborn pounds”.


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White bean extract is a natural substance and the plant it is extracted from is referred to as Phaselous vulgaris. While this product is natural, it is commonly sold as a supplement and marketed as a weight loss aid. In addition to the weight loss benefits of white bean extract, it is also believed to support healthy blood glucose levels and increase stamina.

How does White Bean Extract help you Lose Weight?

It is believed that white bean extract prevents your body from breaking down carbohydrates obtained through diets into glucose (sugar) in the body. Leftover glucose gets turned into fat; therefore, if less glucose is produced because of the white bean extract, less fat will be made by the body. As a result, you should lose weight.

Does Research Support the White Bean Extract Weight Loss Claims?

Until future research is conducted on white bean extract, weight loss recommendations should continue to include changes to diets, exercise routines and lifestyle factors (smoking, alcohol consumption and stress). If you’re considering using white bean extract to help you lose weight, be sure to speak with your doctor first.

**Dr. Oz does not endorse any particular brand or product containing the ingredients mentioned.