Weekly Health News: Menopause and depression, urine smells like coffee, essential oils for vertigo

menopause-1It has been quite an informative week in the world of health news, and to get you caught up, we have compiled a list of our most interesting articles for the weekly health news roundup. This past week, we covered menopause and depression, an important condition that can affect many women as they get older, as well as why your urine may smell like coffee, and a detailed descriptions of various muscular system diseases that may be of interest to you. To better round off your week, we have also included an article on the benefits and considerations of essential oils for vertigo and dizziness.

Menopause and depression: Causes of menopausal and post-menopausal depression

Menopause and depression are generally two separate conditions that have more in common than you might think. This period in a woman’s life, going from a reduction in menstrual periods to when menstruation stops entirely, was found to predispose them to be twice as likely to suffer from the symptoms of depression compared to men, according to researchers from Harvard University.


Additionally, women far into their post-menopausal years with a past history of depression or who have suffered from server premenstrual syndrome (PMS) appear to be at significantly higher risk for developing symptoms of depression as well. Continue reading…

Why your urine smells like coffee and what to do about it

urine smells like coffeeYou may notice that your urine smells like coffee as opposed to its usual smell. While this may not be of concern to most, some may find it peculiar and ask themselves “why does my urine smell like coffee?” Continue reading…



How to use essential oils for vertigo and dizziness: Benefits, warnings, and recipes

essential oils for vertigoThe use of essential oils for vertigo can be a great choice for helping to relieve this uncomfortable sensation. Vertigo is the feeling of unbalance or like the world is spinning around you. These feelings of unsteadiness can be the result of an underlying medical condition that affects the central nervous system, or the structures found in the ear that maintain balance. The use of essential oils for vertigo and dizziness can be an effective strategy, as they may help support the central nervous system, relieve periods of anxiety, and even help reduce inflammation and treat infections due to their antiseptic properties. Continue reading…

16 muscular system diseases you should know about


muscular system diseasesMuscular system diseases affect one of the most important structures in the human body: muscle. Our muscles produce the force necessary to help us move and function in the world. Without it, we would be bound to a single spot for the rest of our lives. Diseases of the muscular system can affect various aspects of this type of soft tissue, which there are many different types of. Each is separate and distinct, all controlled by our central nervous symptom in some capacity. Continue reading…

Natural vasodilators: How to dilate blood vessels naturally and increase blood flow

natural vasodilatorsVasodilators are medications used to open up blood vessels and prevent heart-related health conditions, but there are also natural vasodilators that can dilate vessels and increase blood flow.

Vasodilators impact the muscle walls of the arteries and veins. They prevent the muscles from tightening and the wall from narrowing, which then allow blood to flow more freely through vessels. When blood is flowing easily, the heart doesn’t have to work as hard and blood pressure is reduced. Continue reading…


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