Weekly health news: Bowel movement, elbow arthritis, bubble guts, crackling sound in ear

Painful bowel movement: Causes and how to cure itAnother week has gone by, which means it’s time for your weekly health news round-up. A lot has been covered in the world of health news and we have compiled some of our best articles to get you caught up. You will find information on painful bowel movements, what causes a change in bowel habits, as well as how you can treat elbow arthritis. To better round off your medical news, we have also included some additional articles on bubble guts and the reasons your gastrointestinal tract may be making these sounds, and why you may be experiencing a crackling sound in ear, a source of distress for many people.

Painful bowel movement: Causes and how to cure it

Experiencing a painful bowel movement is never a pleasant experience. It can also be referred to as straining to defecate, painful intestinal cramps, and pain while defecating. Typically, when you pass stool, it should be neither painful nor difficult, but require minimal or moderate effort without inducing pain. Having pain before and during bowel movement is considered an abnormal occurrence and can signify an underlying process affecting the defecation mechanism and your digestive tract as a whole.


Having painful bowel movements on a consistent basis should raise some suspicion for an underlying process, as there is a host of causes. Some are benign in origin while others are related to more serious conditions. Continue reading…

change in bowel habitsWhat causes a change in bowel habits?

Experiencing a change in bowel habits is a huge inconvenience. We normally have some control over when we choose to go to the bathroom, and our body gives us some time to hold it in before we get there. But sometimes we experience a sudden change in bowel habits that make us desperately search for the nearest toilet, or unfortunately, not make it there in time.

Everyone goes about their basic need to expel waste from the body in their own way, with there being a commonality between them. Having one or two bowel movements on a daily basis is normal, but there are instances where this does not hold true.

In this article, we will discuss what a change in bowel habits mean and how you can recognize subtle changes in your stools. Continue reading…

treat elbow arthritisHow to treat elbow arthritis: Causes, symptoms, exercises, and prevention

Elbow arthritis is a painful condition that may be caused by overuse, trauma, or simply just getting older. Much like other joints of the body, the elbow joint is lined with cartilage that acts to provide support, allows for flexibility of movement, and help to protect the end of the joint from constant friction. However, when the cartilage surface of the elbow becomes worn out or damage it can lead to elbow arthritis. Continue reading…

Causes and how to get rid of bubble guts

bubble gutsBubble guts is a term we don’t hear all the time, but it is a real condition. So, just what are bubble guts? Here we explain the abdominal phenomenon and offer up some suggestions on how to get rid of it.


Most people have experienced a bubbling sound in their abdomen at some point, but what does bubble guts mean? Well, normally the process of digestion and assimilation of food is not silent; it produces some sound. This indicates that the intestines are active. These intestinal sounds are usually rather subtle, but when the noise is excessive or loud, it could be bubble guts. Bubble guts are usually a symptom of some underlying condition. Continue reading…

Why there’s a crackling sound in the ear and how to get rid of it

crackling sound in the earExperiencing a cracking noise or sound in the ear is a common abnormality experienced by many people and is often a sign of an abnormality occurring within the delicate structures of the ear. While some cases of a cracking noise in the ears are benign, such as a crackling sound in the ear when moving the jaw or while gulping food quickly, they may not go away easily.

Crackling sounds in the ear can be very annoying to sufferers and even lead to distress. It can make us fixated on what is causing this sensation in your ears, often distracting us from other things in life. It can even lead to anxiety, lack of sleep, poor school or work performance, and even decreased mood. Continue reading…


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