These common habits are killing your libido

Habits that are killing your libidoLibido is affected by many factors – the environment and the mood all have to be set just right in order for sparks to fly. But at times you find yourself being not in the mood more and more often. Or sex isn’t as enjoyable as it once was. These changes may seem like an inevitable part of aging, but just because you’re older doesn’t mean your libido has to be taking a dive. Some of your daily habits may be actually affecting your libido, but the damage is easily reversed.

So if sex hasn’t been nearly as enjoyable as in the past, or you just aren’t quite feeling it, consider these four factors that can be putting a damper on your love life.

4 habits that kill your libido


Taking allergy medication: An antihistamine works by drying out your mucus membrane in order to relieve nasal congestion. But antihistamines can drain other parts of the body – especially the parts that are required for action in-between the sheets. So even if you’re completely turned on, you may still remain dry as a desert, because you took allergy medication. So you may want to postpone taking your antihistamine until after sex. If it helps, sex is a natural decongestant, so you will experience temporary relief after orgasm.
Eating spicy foods: You may have heard that consuming spicy foods can act as a libido booster, but for some consuming spicy foods can cause indigestion, including gas, bloating, and a gurgling stomach – basically, you will feel super unsexy. If you can’t tolerate spicy foods, opt for a mild dinner so that you will feel your best for the dessert portion.

Drinking too much alcohol: Although for some drinking may increase libido, too much alcohol can leave you high and dry. You see, you simply can’t perform as well when you’re drunk or intoxicated, and studies have shown both men and women have difficulties achieving orgasm when under the influence. Steer clear of excess alcohol if you want to truly shine.

Shaving: If you shaved your parts, you unintentionally exfoliated the top layer of your skin, which can make it far more sensitive. If you then proceed to get busy, the skin hasn’t properly healed yet, which increases the risk of germs and STDs. To reduce pain, irritation, and infection, avoid bedroom activities right after shaving and wait at least a day for your skin to heal.

If you want to boost your libido and avoid pain and infection, modify these habits, which could be putting a serious damper on your evening plans.

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