Simple trick boosts libido

Simple trick boosts libidoThere are many reasons why our libido can be ruined – aging, heart condition, and other health problems are just some notable ones. It may seem taboo to discuss sex drive and old age, but many seniors are still enjoying the many benefits that sex has to offer. So if you’re not one of them, you may want to really look into what’s holding you back.

A common libido killer is stress. No matter your age, you experience stress at some point and for a variety of reasons. Stress from work, finances, relationships, and family can all work against you and your libido – but it doesn’t have to!


Here are three ways you can combat stress and prevent it from sabotaging your libido so that you can enjoy a fulfilling sex life no matter your age.

3 tips to reduce stress and boost libido

Don’t wait until the end of the day to have sex: After a long day, you definitely have built up some stress. Maybe you were stuck in traffic, or the waiter at the restaurant got your order wrong. Whatever you encountered throughout the day can pile up, so by the end of the day you’re a ball of nerves – which isn’t necessarily the sexiest thing to be. In fact, the last thing on your mind at this point is to have sex.

Consider having sex earlier on in the day – maybe, right when you wake up? This way, you haven’t dealt with all of life’s stresses (yet) and you’ll be more refreshed and energized, too.
Don’t discredit sexual pleasure: Even if you don’t necessarily have sex, sharing affection throughout the day can help boost your relationship and strengthen the bond you share with your partner. Sending cute love notes to each other, holding hands, or sharing kisses can help put you in the mood for later on. Besides, kissing in itself has been known to be a great stress buster as it helps boost serotonin levels, which help reduce anxiety. Get smooching!

Take care of your health: When you’re stressed, you probably have some go-to stress busters or comfort habits, which may include eating fatty foods, smoking, or even drinking alcohol. Although these fixes may help you feel better temporarily, over time such habits are working against you, depleting your health. Worse yet, many of these habits have been shown to lower your libido.

Instead of reaching for a drink or French fries, consider more effective stress-busting techniques like meditation, yoga, going for a walk, or choosing healthier snacks. Not only will these healthy habits help you combat stress, but they will improve your overall health, which is essential for exceptional bedroom performance.

So if you want to begin enjoying more sex and receiving the benefits sex has to offer, combat your stress and don’t let it be the one thing that stands in the way between you and your pleasure.

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