The #1 Secret to Healthy Aging Starts at 40

anti-agingMost of us would jump at the opportunity to look younger and feel younger and to remain healthy as we age, and if you are in your forties it is the ideal time to do just that. Your forties is the perfect time to start making healthy lifestyle changes because your body is still strong and resilient and it has the ability to heal itself from past insults. Also, by the time you reach forty, you probably have enough life experience to realize the importance of making healthier choices and you are mature enough to stick to them. Following a healthy lifestyle now is absolutely vital to your future health and can make a difference between aging gracefully or falling victim to premature wrinkles, excess flab and age-related diseases such as heart disease and dementia.  Below are 3 secrets to healthy aging that will help you to feel younger today, look younger tomorrow, and remain healthy and vital for decades to come.

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Exercise to Look and Feel Younger

You may have been able to avoid exercising up until now, but once you turn 40 your metabolism drops another 2 percent and if you don’t exercise approximately 7 pounds of lean body mass will be replaced with fat by the time you turn fifty.  Your digestive system also tends to slow down and hormonal fluctuations can cause food cravings for high calorie junk foods which can also lead to weight gain.  Aside from the fact that it will make you look younger and feel younger, exercise is also important in your forties because it will reduce your risk for the majority of age-related diseases and even increase your lifespan.     For optimal anti-aging results your exercise regime should include a mixture of cardio exercise, strength training and stretching.

Eat the Good and Avoid the Bad

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past century, you are probably well aware that a healthy diet is essential to feeling young and energetic. But did you know that what you eat has a substantial impact on your outer appearance as well? In order to optimize the appearance of your skin and slow down the signs of aging, you should consume a diet that is chocked full of whole foods, with an emphasis on raw fruits and vegetables and drastically reduce your intake of anything that is processed or packaged.  This sort of diet will provide you with ample nutrients and antioxidants which will not only help to enhance the appearance of your skin but also help to reduce your risk for future health disorders. You should also emphasize omega-3 fatty acid rich foods such as cold-water fish, flaxseeds and walnuts.

Replenish the Healthy Bacteria in Your Gut to Feel Younger


As we age our healthy gut bacteria tend to decline and replenishing these bacteria with probiotics is essential for healthy aging. Preliminary evidence suggests that the healthy bacteria found in probiotics can preserve the integrity of your intestinal and digestive tract, aid in weight loss, and increase your immune system. If you choose to take a probiotic supplement be sure to choose a trusted brand because probiotics vary greatly in quality, can be quite costly, and often times don’t provide nearly as many beneficial bacteria as claimed on the bottle. Alternatively, you can consume fermented foods and beverages such as sauerkraut, miso, organic yoghurt, kimchee, sour pickles, kefir, noni juice and kombucha tea on a regular basis.

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