Why getting older is good for your health

aging-is-good-for-your-healthDid you ever think that you and a bottle of wine may have a lot in common? (And I’m not referring to its full body!) The longer wine sits and ages, the better and more enjoyable it becomes. Well, science now suggests the same holds true for seniors and aging is by no means negative at all!

In fact, aging is now being looked at as a means to experience more happiness. It all has to do with one main factor: Trust. So if you’re thinking that growing old is a burden, consider what science has to say about it first.

Happiness grows with age


178618070Recently published in the online journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, researchers examined the link between trust, aging and what it means for our overall well-being.

Two studies were conducted which concluded the same findings. The first was a large study involving 200,000 people worldwide in 83 countries over the past 30 years. The second study involved 1,200 Americans of various ages also over a lengthy time span.

What the researchers found was that not only did trust increase over the years, but those who were more trusting lived happier, more improved lives. What does trust have to do with our health?

Well, researchers note that when we trust others we are more likely to reach out for support and make social ties. Those strong positive relationships can greatly benefit our health. For example, being social is a great means of reducing stress which is so often linked to illnesses.

Furthermore, the researchers noted that no matter how old you are today, if you have trust this will only become stronger over time, providing you with greater enjoyment and well-being. Essentially, we experience better life satisfaction as we grow older and that’s definitely something to look forward to!

Growing old can be positive

be-happy-for-bonesYou may feel down that your aging body isn’t as active as it once was, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t get the most out of life.

Previous research on the link between trust and happiness from Italy revealed that happiness is strongly linked with good health. So even though you may not be able to run or bounce around like you used to, being happy is still a viable means to stay healthy and feel good.

Because we know so much of the negative effects that stress can have on our health, staying positive and happy is an easy way to prevent illness. So if you find yourself down in the dumps, a change of emotion is a great way to give your health the boost it needs.

Be trusting and positive for good health

foods-to-boost-your-moodIf you’re looking for a way to improve your health, open up and trust those around you. Furthermore, you can try these tips as well:

  1. Get active: If you are able to stay active, any level of activity can help boost your mood and your health. Even a calm stroll or balancing on one foot is enough to improve your health.
  1. Volunteer: Get involved in your community as being connected can create a greater sense of purpose and promote feelings of inclusion. Remember isolation has been linked to worsened health.
  1. Keep social ties: Have a support group you can rely on. Not only will you feel included, but you’ll have the means and tools to get help when needed, whether for health reasons or not.

These are just some tips that can ease the aging process and make you feel better. But this is some truly feel-good information backed by science. It’s great to know that, like wine, we, too, get better with age!


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