Top Tricks to Feel Young Forever

Although there have been many advances in modern medicine over the past century, there is still no magic drug or formula that will prevent you from aging, however, it is possible to at least slow down the hands of time and the following suggestions can help you to do just that. Purslane to Feel Younger? here to read more

A Candid Talk About Andropause

The process of aging has been strongly associated with changes in various parts of the body, including weight gain, wrinkles, joint pain, and loss of stamina. In terms of the reproductive system, aging is also linked to a decrease in the production of sex-specific hormones, such as estrogen and progesterone in women. The male population here to read more

Is This The Key to Living Longer?

Forever young. It’s a common adage found in songs and movie titles, and its pursuit leads to 274 billion dollars worth of annual sales in the anti-aging market.  Although the average lifespan today is higher than ever before, most of us would jump at the opportunity to maintain a state of youth just a little here to read more

Fatty Food and Male Fertility

Approximately 15 percent of all couples experience fertility problems and male fertility issues play a role in 50 percent of these cases. Aging, as well as a vast array of substances and health disorders can cause or contribute to male infertility and some of the most common causes include: testicular damage, hormone imbalances, psychosocial problems, here to read more

Tips to Live to 100 Years Old

The average life expectancy in North America is 79, which is pretty good considering 100 years ago it was only 55 in most industrialized countries.    Even better news however, is that the amount of centenarians (people who live past 100) has almost doubled in the U.S. over the past 20 years, and some scientists hypothesize here to read more