Serious Sexual Health Symptoms You Can’t Ignore

depressionSexual Health symptoms can be disturbing. Some are more serious than others so doctors are doing what they can to educate the public about what to watch for.

On the surface some problems may not seem all that serious; however, as doctors and scientists have discovered, a lot of these symptoms are due to underlying medical problems that should not be taken lightly.


The most serious sexual health symptoms can be hazardous to both health and relationships. Here are some serious symptoms that should not be ignored:

•              Genital irritations such as pain, lumps, sores, itching or unusual discharge could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. If untreated in females it could permanently damage the reproductive organs. When men ignore the symptoms they can become sterile.

•              Erectile dysfunction can be a symptom of many different health related issues. For example, it can be a sign of diabetes, kidney disease, nerve damage, severe depression or even be a result of alcoholism.

•              Low sex drive used to be associated with psychological issues; however, experts now say there are a number of physical reasons people lose their sexual stamina. It can often be associated with low levels of hormones for men. Certain medications taken for depression can also lead to low stamina in both men and women. Below is a list of reasons for low sex drive or stamina.

1.            Anemia

2.            Enlarged Prostate

3.            Autoimmune Diseases

4.            Fibromyalgia

5.            Kidney Disease

6.            Hepatitis

7.            Pregnancy

8.            Post Pregnancy (hormones)

9.            Drug use (cocaine)

10.          Stress & depression

When it comes to studies on sexual activity and depression the statistics are overwhelming. One report in the United States showed that 70 per cent of patients that were fighting depression had lost their sexual desire. Countless research papers have indicated patients with major depression or bipolar disorder have an even higher prevalence of dysfunction. Since the depression not only impacts sexual activity, but all aspects of a person’s well being, physicians insist it has to be addressed. In other words, if low sex drive or low sexual stamina suddenly becomes an issue for you, you might want to seek medical attention.

•              When sex hurts it could be due to a number of factors. Pain before or after intercourse can be attributed to birth control methods, allergy medicines, antidepressants you might be taking if you are struggling with depression or it could even have something to do with changes in your hormones.


•              Sex headaches take place just prior to or during an orgasm. They are sudden and severe. Neurologists say for the most part they are nothing to be concerned about, yet in some cases they can be serious; a sign of problems with blood vessels that feed your brain.

Hormones and Depression

Hormones play a large role in sexual health. Hormones can fluctuate in all of us, sometimes dramatically. In most cases, big changes are associated with aging, but not always. The hormones testosterone and estrogen are closely linked to sexual desire. Testosterone is necessary in both men and women for sexual feelings to be present. When testosterone is low in men they can lose their stamina or desire. Estrogen is made from testosterone in women so when a woman is no longer ovulating she can lose her sexual desire. There is hormone replacement therapy for men and women but it is a controversial approach since some studies have linked it to an increase in cancer.

Physicians and Psychotherapists urge people to address their symptoms, whether it is a stamina issue, depression, dysfunction; or some other sign, there is a lot of ways to overcome the problems. They say it’s important to look beyond the surface to make sure that there are no underlying health problems that might be causing the sexual health symptoms to occur in the first place.