Specific exercises to promote bone health and combat osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bone weakness and subsequently increases the risk of developing bone fractures. While it is commonly associated with elderly women, it can happen to men as well. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is a serious public health concern affecting more than 200 million people worldwide. A new study ...click here to read more

Osteoporosis fractures more common in women but deadlier in men

Men are at a higher risk of mortality after suffering from an osteoporosis-related fracture than women, according to research conducted by the University of California, San Francisco. Osteoporosis affects 44 million Americans and contributes to two million fractures annually, mainly because it causes the bones to weaken and become brittle. The majority of osteoporosis fractures ...click here to read more

Osteoporosis fractures: Exercises and their benefits in reducing bone fracture risk

Over 50 million Americans are affected by osteoporosis and bone fractures, making prevention methods a focus and putting exercise benefits in the spotlight. A recent hip hop study—no not the music, we literally mean hopping—has shed some light on how to reduce fracture risk, specifically fractures from osteoporosis. The study, conducted through a special mapping ...click here to read more

Osteoporosis update: Risk of osteoporosis, natural remedies, coronary heart disease

Below you will find articles on osteoporosis, including the risk of osteoporosis, natural remedies, and the link between osteoporosis and coronary artery disease. You will uncover how you can reduce your risk of osteoporosis and improve bone density, learn about supplements that can aid in osteoporosis, and much more. Improve bone density and reduce the ...click here to read more

Osteoporosis diet plan: Foods to eat and avoid

In osteoporosis prevention, diet plays a crucial role – along with exercise. While growing up you probably didn’t think too much about eating foods that could prevent osteoporosis. Sure, you enjoyed dairy products, but you’d be the first to agree, it had more to do with taste, than to promote bone health. Now that you’re ...click here to read more

Bone health in postmenopausal women can be improved with menopausal hormone therapy: Study

Bone health in postmenopausal women can be improved with menopausal hormone therapy. Study first author Georgios Papadakis explained, “When used in the right context, specifically in postmenopausal women younger than 60 years old for whom the benefits outweigh risks, menopausal hormonal therapy is effective for both the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.” Osteoporosis is a ...click here to read more