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Why Your Arthritis Gets Worse After Christmas

When it comes to joint stiffness, most people with arthritis have come to dread the winter months. The pain, swelling and stiffness often get worse, and doctors report more patient complaints during the season. Winter’s official first day is Dec. 21, making Christmas a flag day for the long stretch of painful arthritis to come. here to read more

Top 3 Sensitive Pain Relief Issues

When people are in pain they either express it openly or suffer in silence, but there are some things that the majority of the population just avoid talking about no matter how much pain they are experiencing. Research shows that many North Americans are even too shy or embarrassed to discuss certain health issues with here to read more

Wood Implants for Joint Health – Gaining Popularity?

Arthritis pertains to a disorder involving the joints, often resulting in joint stiffness and pain.  This condition often affects older adults and may involve the knees, hips, and back.  Arthritis is considered as an indicator for joint health and thus physicians and health organizations have actively campaigned for healthy lifestyles, including eating nutritious food items here to read more

Don’t Ignore the Top 3 Causes of Inflammation

Osteoarthritis pertains to the inflammation of joints, resulting in joint stiffness and pain.  This musculoskeletal disorder has been reported to affect almost 40% of the elderly population across the globe.  Health organizations have been concerned about the growing number of cases of osteoarthritis because it is well known that this condition associated with inflammation, pain, here to read more

Top Tips for Increasing Your Mobility

Reduced mobility is arguably one of the toughest parts of aging and sadly almost 40 % of Americans over the age of 84 require a mobility device in order to get around. Immobility is problematic not only because it reduces a person’s independence and freedom but also because it opens the door to a host here to read more

The Exciting New Arthritis Discovery

For years scientific researchers have been investigating the relationship between our stomachs and our auto immune system. Today they say there is evidence bacteria in our abdomens can trigger auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Thousands of people are stricken in the prime of their lives with arthritis; it is not just the elderly that here to read more

Top Tips to Manage Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis and as the population ages, more and more people will be diagnosed with this chronic condition. Approximately one in five adults have osteoarthritis. Joint pain and joint stiffness are two commonly reported symptoms of people living with osteoarthritis. There are many tips to relieve the joint pain here to read more

Stay Active with Arthritis

Joint stiffness, pain and inflammation are common symptoms of arthritis and prevent many people from participating in everyday activities. Staying active when you have arthritis is important as it will help to maintain your bone health and improve your quality of life. What is Arthritis? Arthritis is a term used for joint inflammation. Arthritis consists here to read more

Vitamin K and Bone Health

As the population ages, diseases of bones such as osteoporosis and arthritis will become significant health problems. Joint stiffness and inflammation can interfere with normal activities which can have an impact on your overall quality of life. It is vital that we look at ways in which to protect our bone health to prevent joint here to read more

How to Build Better Bones

Aging is commonly associated with the development of various medical conditions, some of which can influence our quality of life. One of the most frequent ailments reported among older adults involves joint pain. The occurrence of joint pain is often coupled with joint stiffness and sharp pain, making it difficult to walk, stand, and bend. here to read more

Video Home Exercise Helps Joint Pain

Do you suffer from joint pain or joint stiffness? Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis or osteoarthritis? According to Osteoporosis Canada, osteoporosis is a disease characterized by low bone mass and the deterioration of bone tissue, which leads to increased bone fragility and the risk of broken bones, especially bones of the hip, spine and here to read more