Low triglycerides: Causes and symptoms

To understand low triglycerides, it’s important to understand what triglycerides are in general. Triglycerides are a type of fat converted from any excess calories we do not immediately use. Mainly derived from fat and carbohydrates we eat, triglyceride stocks are used for energy in-between the meals, but when we take in more than we burn, here to read more

Lower your cholesterol with this diet

Your doctor told you that you have high cholesterol, so now what? Well, you know that diet and exercise can go a long way in reducing cholesterol, but it can be difficult to navigate the world of healthy eating. However, there is good news. Lately, more and more research suggests that a vegetarian diet is here to read more

Interesting new way to lower your cholesterol

Thousands of Americans are taking statins to lower their cholesterol. Cholesterol is a big threat to your heart because it results in plaque buildup in the arteries, which causes them to narrow. Statins work by blocking a substance your body needs to produce cholesterol. Furthermore, statins may help the body reabsorb cholesterol that has built here to read more

Cholesterol and memory: Is your cholesterol affecting your memory?

When cholesterol is discussed, we often think about the heart, heart disease, and stroke, but memory and cognitive function don’t generally cross our minds even though they should. New research from Heidelberg University in Germany found that having high cholesterol can negatively affect memory and cognitive decline in aging. Cholesterol is naturally produced by the here to read more

Why cholesterol is not as bad as you think

As a society, we are slowly becoming more and more health conscious, and that’s definitely a good thing. It’s very reassuring to see that, along with advancements in medical research and technology, we are raising public awareness about different conditions, including the importance of a healthy lifestyle. With so much information out there, people are here to read more

How to lower triglycerides naturally

Triglycerides are a type of fat converted from the excess calories we do not immediately use. Mainly derived from the fat and carbohydrates we eat, triglyceride stocks are used for energy in between meals, but the problem arises when we take in more than we burn. Although cholesterol and fat are essential for the body, here to read more

High cholesterol? Try these simple fixes

When you were young, chances are, cholesterol was the last thing on your mind. You may have seen your cholesterol numbers on your blood work results, but unless there was a cause for concern, your doctor might have never discussed your cholesterol levels with you. But as you get older, there are more and more here to read more

Is cholesterol a lipid?

The term lipid is commonly used in the health and wellness industry, but there are many people that don’t fully understand how important lipids can be to the functioning of the body. We begin by answering the simple question: Is cholesterol a lipid? Lipids are molecules that contain hydrocarbons. They make up the building blocks here to read more

Patients with high cholesterol at a higher risk for rotator cuff surgery failure

High cholesterol is linked to a number of health problems, and now the latest research findings presented at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) suggest that patients who undergo a rotator cuff surgery have a higher risk of surgery failure if they have high cholesterol. On the other hand, here to read more