6 Surprising Natural Remedies for This Common Infection

UTi prevention tipsIf you’re a female, you probably have experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) or maybe even more than one. Unfortunately, the way that the female urinary system is designed makes women more susceptible to develop a UTI than men.

A UTI occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract system. Normally, antibiotics are prescribed, which clears up the infection within a few days. But for many of us, having a natural remedy to help ease symptoms and aid in treatment is also helpful.


Some natural remedies are actually useful prevention tips to help reduce the onset of future infections.

Here are some tips to help treat and prevent urinary tract infections.

Tips to Treat and Prevent UTIs

Stay well hydrated: Some people avoid drinking too much fluid because it increases the urge to pee, but you want to keep peeing to prevent UTIs. When you urinate, you eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract. Furthermore, some studies have found low fluid intake is linked to a higher risk of UTIs. Stay well hydrated in order to flush out any harmful bacteria.

Urinate often: This tip goes hand in hand with staying hydrated. The act of urinating helps remove bacteria. But if you are holding in your urine, then you are also contributing to UTIs because you are allowing for urine and bacteria to linger in the bladder. It’s also important that you urinate after sex to remove any possible bacteria.

Stay clean and dry: Hygiene is key in preventing UTIs. Wearing underwear that is wet can be a breeding ground for bacteria. Furthermore, not using proper wiping technique – front to back – can pass bacteria to the urinary tract. Lastly, wearing material that is not breathable can also contribute to UTIs.

Consume garlic: Garlic is often praised for its medicinal properties. It has many antimicrobial functions along with antibacterial properties. Consuming it can help fight off infection.

Citrus fruits: Compounds in citrus fruits have been found to boost the immune function along with playing a role in the treatment of UTIs. Researchers have found that citrus fruits may reduce urinary tract infections and improve health.


Avoid spermicides: Spermicides are used as a contraceptive method but can also promote the breeding and spreading of bacteria, which can contribute to UTIs.

By implementing these natural prevention tips and remedies, you can reduce your risk of UTIs and improve treatment.

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