Simple trick boosts libido, improves sleep

Simple trick boosts libido, improves sleepWhat would you say if we suggested we knew of a simple way to boost libido, improve sleep, lose weight, and cheer you up? You probably wouldn’t believe us because, let’s be honest, that all seems unrealistic. By now you probably have heard it all and, who knows, maybe you’ve tried it all to boost your health… This simple trick may not be something you’ve tried before, but it can yield great benefits.

So what exactly are we talking about? Well, it has to do with how you eat, and – unfortunately – the standard American diet is only bogging you down. Instead, you should opt for calorie restriction as a means to improve many aspects of your life and health.

Restricting calories improves sleep, boosts libido, helps lose weight


Calorie restriction has long been associated with longevity. In some studies, restricted calorie intake in mice slowed down the number of genetic aging processes. The new research looked at healthy individuals who restricted what they ate over the course of two years. The researchers found that those in the restricted calorie group received greater health benefits, compared to the control group.

All participants had a normal body mass index (BMI). One group reduced their calorie count by 25 percent, while the other group continued to eat as normal. After the two-year study period, those in the restricted calorie group experienced sleep improvement, libido boost, mood improvement, tension reduction, and weight loss. These benefits were not seen in the control group.

If you’re sold on calorie restriction, wait a minute – as researcher Corby Martin explained, “Even though they achieve those benefits, it is just really hard to adhere to these diets over the long term, at least in today’s society. They’re minnows trying to swim upstream, in a world where it’s very easy to overconsume calories.”

Basically, it’s quite challenging to go cold turkey and cut out at least 25 percent of your calories, especially with so many distractions and temptations when it comes to eating habits (billboards, commercials, family members, etc.). Martin added, “What people report is that after they ‘get over the hump’ and start to lose weight, their hunger levels subside a bit and they start to feel the benefits of the weight loss. They find it easier to move around, their joints hurt less, they feel better.”

The authors concluded, “Calorie restriction among primarily overweight and obese persons has been found to improve [quality of life], sleep, and sexual function, and the results of the present study indicate that two years of [calorie restriction] is unlikely to negatively affect these factors in healthy adults.”

As with any new diet, speak to your doctor prior to limiting your calories, as it may not be safe to do so in the wake of other health conditions.

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