Simple Tips to Prevent Aches and Pains

gardening tipsDo you enjoy gardening? Would you say you have a green thumb?

For many, gardening is a relaxing hobby. Gardening is also a great way to stay active. The problem is gardening can leave your joints sore and stiff. More so, if you already have a joint condition like arthritis, gardening can worsen symptoms, so you may be unable to perform the activity you love as a result.


But gardening doesn’t have to be painful as long as you pay attention to your movements and use the proper tools.

Simple Tips to Prevent Joint Pain When Gardening

Use the right tools: Tools are meant to make our lives easier, not harder. Using the right tools can prevent aches and pains. First off, avoid using heavy tools, as that can lead to added strain. Ensure your tools are of good quality so they don’t break. Lastly, using the right tool for the job can help reduce strain on the body and make gardening easier.

Use electric tools versus manual tools: In some cases, using an automatic or electric tool as opposed to a manual tool can make gardening easier and reduce joint pain.

Create a proper gardening environment: Utilizing benches or tables can help reduce strain as it brings what you’re working on closer to you as opposed to you bending over of overstretching.


Warm up and stretch: Gardening is a physical activity, and just like any other physical activity, you need to warm up and stretch to prevent cramps and strains.

Take care of your joints: Even when you aren’t gardening, you want to practice proper joint safety tips by treating any joint-pain conditions you may have and ensuring you complete everyday tasks in a way that doesn’t put added strain on your joints.

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