Avoid these foods if you have joint pain

Foods to avoid if you have joint painsOur diet can have a large influence on how we feel. Certain foods can upset our stomachs, others affect our mood, and some can make our joint pain worse. Some foods work to reduce inflammation, bringing you some relief from your joint pain. On the other hand, others trigger inflammation and will cause your joints to hurt more. Knowing which foods to avoid can help you get better control of your joint pain.

Food to avoid if you have joint pain

Fats and oils: Some fats and oils are actually healthy for us and can improve health while others do the complete opposite. Fats found in meat, cheese, and butter increase cholesterol, which can worsen joint pain. These unhealthy fats and oils can also be found in processed goods and many desserts.


Processed food: Canned and processed food can make joint pain worse, whereas whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats work to improve joint pain.

Sugar: Consuming high amounts of sugar can increase inflammation. Avoid candies, flours, baked goods, and sodas. Instead, opt for natural sugar like the ones found in fruit.

Dairy: For some, dairy triggers inflammation, making it another food category that can worsen joint pain.
Advanced glycation end (AGEs) product foods: AGE is a toxin that occurs in foods that are grilled, fried, pasteurized, or heated. AGEs can damage certain proteins in the body, so in retaliation, the body tries to break down AGEs.

Unfortunately, when this occurs, it triggers an inflammatory response that leads to joint pain.

Alcohol and tobacco: These can contribute to a slew of health problems, so it’s no surprise that they should be avoided by those with joint pain. Smokers generally have a higher risk of rheumatoid arthritis compared to non-smokers, and drinkers have a higher risk of developing gout. Cut out the smoking and either limit or completely cut out alcohol if you want your joints to feel good.

Salt and preservatives: Excess salt and preservatives are often used so food items can stay on the shelf longer. Unfortunately, these ingredients cause you more pain. Reducing your intake of salt and preservatives is a good way to reduce joint pain.


Corn oil: This oil specifically triggers inflammation in the body. It is often found in baked goods and snacks. On the other hand, the properties in fish oil can relieve joint pain.

If you’re tired of taking pills for your joint pain, start healing your body from within by consuming a diet that reduces inflammation rather than triggering it.

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