This popular beverage is hurting your muscles

alcohol Worldwide drinking problems are on the rise. More people are drinking more alcohol, which is leading to serious health problems. Common alcohol-related problems include liver disease, vision problems, cardiovascular disease, impaired hearing, and diabetic complications.

Alcohol affects the body by offering a temporary high and happiness along with slowing down the performance of nerve cells, which gives a person joy. It shuts down some areas of the brain that controls reasoning, judgment, and self-control, which means people are more likely to become reckless while drinking. Furthermore, a person’s reaction time becomes slower, which is what contributes to vehicle accidents.


Many people drink alcohol so they can fall asleep better. Although small amounts of alcohol are an effective sedative, large quantities actually disrupt sleep, causing them to be more tired upon awakening.

Alcohol is toxic and can cause memory-related problems, vitamin deficiencies, and head injuries.

Another big problem related to heavy drinking is how alcohol can negatively impact the muscles, which many people don’t realize is a consequence of drinking. This is because alcohol causes damage to the nerves, which can lead to peripheral neuropathy. When nerve damage occurs, it can lead to a loss of balance along with numbness, pain, tingling sensations, and burning. Around 50 percent of alcoholic’s experience muscle problems.

Alcoholics may experience difficulties walking upstairs, standing from a seated position, and arising from the floor due to weakness in the larger leg muscles.

Alcohol remains a widely popular drug to abuse because of its ease of access. The unfortunate part is many people do not realize the consequences related to excessive drinking. Alcohol can have particularly worse effects on seniors and should be consumed in moderation or as little as possible. Additionally, the effects of alcohol can worsen if a person is on medication, which many seniors are. You should always consult your healthcare professional about drinking if you are currently taking medications.

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