Norovirus outbreak 2016 update: 200 Ohio University students show symptoms, infected cruise ship returns

norovirus outbreak 2016 ohio universityNorovirus outbreak 2016 update: 200 Ohio University students have shown symptoms of norovirus, while the infected Royal Caribbean cruise ship finally returned from sea.

Since the initial outbreak at the Ohio University, numerous students have begun testing positive for norovirus, with symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain. University spokesperson, Carole Johnson, said, “We have been very diligent in our cleaning and are using products that combat the virus in our residential and dining halls.”


The university so far has been unable to identify the source of the virus, but faculty is urging all students to properly wash their hands, use antibacterial gels, and disinfect all surfaces.

There have been a growing number of norovirus outbreaks beginning with the restaurant chain Chipotle, and many other universities as well.

Norovirus outbreak causes cruise ship ‘Anthem of the Seas’ to turn around

The Royal Caribbean “Anthem of the Seas” cruise ship had to return back to shore not only to avoid a horrible storm, but also due to a growing number of norovirus cases reported. Passengers aboard the ship reported that the captain did make announcements with regards to the norovirus outbreak, but it is undetermined how many people became infected by the common food-borne illness.

Reports have been made that sanitation practices were boosted greatly with crew members scrubbing floors, handrails, and all surfaces.

Norovirus outbreak linked to Oregon oysters sent to the east coast

Oysters from Oregon Oyster Farms Inc. have been recalled due to a possible norovirus outbreak threat after 17 cases reported in people who consumed the oysters. Health officials are concerned that restaurants and residents may still have the oysters, so a possible influx of norovirus cases is expected. The oysters in questions have a sell-by date range between February 19 and March 8, 2016.

When an unopened jar of oysters from a restaurant was tested, it came back positive for norovirus, which was similar to what was found in the stool of the patients.

Any consumer or restaurant that purchased the oysters is urged to discard them immediately or return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

The statement from the Oregon Health Authority said, “All 17 people, who were among three separate groups totaling 32 people who ate at restaurants throughout Lincoln County, have recovered. One person had been hospitalized. Those who fell ill reported having eaten the oysters between Feb. 12 and Feb. 14.”

Health officials are working alongside the oyster company in order to determine how the virus began and ensure proper handling and preparation techniques.

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