Why It’s So Important to Stay Active as You Age

bladder exerciseWe all know that staying active is an important part of maintaining overall health, especially as you age. Exercise helps maintain muscle, strength, coordination, flexibility, support cardiovascular and respiratory health, and maintain a healthy weight. But did you know staying active can support your bladder too?

Bladder problems are a common occurrence among women, but sedentary men are at a higher risk of bladder problems as they age.


The study looked at 69,795 men over the age of 40 who did not have a history of bladder disease. The men completed questionnaires regarding their activity levels, sedentary habits, and frequency of bladder-related symptoms like leaks.

At the average follow-up of 2.6 years, 9,217 men developed significant lower urinary tract infection symptoms.

Men who regularly partook in physical activity had a seven percent reduction in urinary tract infection symptoms compared to the men who lived a more sedentary life. Men who spent at least 10 hours a day sitting had a 15 percent higher risk of developing bladder problems.

Senior author Dr. Seungho Ryu explained, “This suggests that both reducing times spent sitting and promoting physical activity are important for preventing lower urinary tract symptoms. Too much sitting is considered an emerging health risk factor for the development of chronic diseases.”

There are some weak areas of the research. For example, the study did not distinguish between different types of activities versus sedentary and some participants were over the age of 65, which already increases the risk of bladder problems. But, overall, it still reveals that being active is far better than being sedentary when it comes to supporting bladder health.




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