Higher Levels of This Hormone May Add Years to Your Life

testosterone slows agingTestosterone is typically associated with libido, strength, and masculinity. But the latest research findings suggest that it may also be the key to slowing down aging in men. The findings revealed that higher levels of estradiol, a hormone produced by testosterone, are linked with slower aging.

Testosterone is converted into estradiol, which is associated with longer telomeres. Telomeres are proteins found at the end of chromosomes. Longer telomeres are often a sign of slower aging, whereas rapidly shrinking telomeres are an indicator of faster aging.


The study looked at data from 2,913 men in Perth aged 70 to 89. The men’s testosterone and estradiol levels were measured along with the length of their telomeres.

The researchers found an association between higher levels of estradiol and longer telomeres. Longer telomeres offer greater protection to chromosomes, which in turn slows down aging.

The study suggests that higher levels of estradiol, which is associated with higher testosterone levels, can help slow down aging in men.

Professor Bu Yeap explained, “We know from the study that testosterone, estradiol and telomeres are linked, however further research is needed to explore how this relationship works. Testosterone is converted to estradiol but it’s still unclear what determines the level of production.”

Aside from managing testosterone levels, other methods to help slow down aging include regularly exercising, eating well, maintaining a healthy weight, and managing chronic stress.

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