Green Coffee Bean: The New Weight Loss Trend

natural weight lossWith obesity levels on the rise around the world, many people are searching for quick weight loss options. They don’t want to be counting calories and limiting what they can eat, instead they want a simple, quick weight loss solution.  While there are prescription medications available for weight loss, they are expensive and have side effects that make many people look for natural weight loss options instead.   Could the secret to natural weight loss possibly be found in the green coffee bean?  New research has shown that green coffee extract may help with natural weight loss for all of those people searching for quick weight loss solutions.

Coffee for Natural Weight Loss

Coffee is an interesting option for natural weight loss because it is a stimulant.  A lot of research has been conducted on coffee as a quick weight loss solution with promising results.  A recent study looked at the effect that high acid content in chlorogenic green bean coffee extract  had on reducing weight, body mass index (BMI) and body fat percentage in pre-obese healthy young adults.   The study showed that there were statistically significant decreases in weight, BMI, and body fat percentage with consumption of green bean coffee extract (seen when individuals were taking 700mg and 1050mg doses).  Decreases in heart rate were also seen in the individuals that were in the high dose green coffee extract consumption group (1050mg).

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Ideas on Quick Weight Loss


Results from this study show quick weight loss of an average of slightly over 8kg during a 22 week time period.  Participants from this study lost the weight without counting calories and changing their diets and without changing their exercise routine.  With increased amounts of GCE taken, increased amounts of weight and body fat were lost.  These results are much more significant than previous research on green coffee extract; however, this may be due to the fact that the dosages given in this study were much higher than previous studies.  It should be noted that this study was conducted with only 16 people.  Further research is needed with a larger sample size to see if the quick weight loss results are still seen.  Additionally, research should investigate potential side effects of using this natural weight loss supplement for longer periods of time.

The way in which the green coffee extract acts remains unknown.  The authors believe that the effects are due to the chlorogenic acid found in the green bean extract.  Other experts believe that it could be due to the stimulant effect of caffeine.  While the results of this research look very positive, more research is needed to determine the mechanism by which GCE aids with natural weight loss.  Another point that should be kept in mind when looking at the results from this research is that it was funded by Applied Food Sciences of Austin, Tex., which happens to be the maker of the GCE supplement. They have a vested interest in positive results.

If you’ve ever tried dieting, you probably know about the tedious task of counting calories.  Adding green bean extract or green bean coffee may provide a solution to this problem.  Most people drink coffee once the beans are roasted.  Roasting the beans gives them their distinctive aroma, color and taste.  On the other hand, green beans have little aroma and are quite bitter.  However, adding a slightly bitter green bean to your diet is better than counting calories at every meal.  Adding high dose green coffee extract supplements to a healthy diet and a regular exercise program will help with natural weight loss.  Perhaps the days of counting calories to lose weight are over…