Common Reasons You or Your Partner Are Not in the Mood

intimacy problemsWhen it comes to being in the mood, a lot has to be right. Aside from the romance, there are mental and emotional factors that play a role in being aroused. Here are some common reasons why you or your partner may not be feeling it.

Common Factors That You or Your Partner Are Not in the Mood

Finances: Money is a large factor in setting the mood, and it’s not about how much money you have. Financial stressors can tear couples apart as it can lead to distrust, fear, and anxiety. These are all factors that can hurt your libido. Being able to work together and stick to a budget can help build intimacy and rid yourself of negative feelings that can lead to a low libido.


Digital distractions: Technology surrounds us, but it can be getting in the way of your intimacy. If you or your partner are glued to a screen, you aren’t focusing on each other. It may be a good idea to keep technology out of the bedroom. Keep the bedroom a place where you focus on your partner.

Changes in weight: When a person is gaining weight and not feeling great, it can really damper their self-confidence, making them feel less sexy. Being supportive of each other, even through bodily changes, can help improve libido.

Ever-growing to-do list: Do you feel like your to-do list is ever-growing? Does it feel like the minute you complete one task, another five pop up? Constantly thinking about what must be done distracts you from being intimate. Working together to narrow down the to-do list can bring a couple closer together and leave more time for intimacy.

Lack of appreciation: Some couples don’t get intimate because either one person, or both, doesn’t feel appreciated. Feeling taken for granted isn’t sexy and it can trigger feelings of anger and resentment – all very not-sexy. Ensure you appreciate your partner and help out as much as you can. Plan date nights and really show your partner that you appreciate them.


Lack of physical activity: Boosting your mood and feeling sexy is as easy as getting in a heart-pumping workout. Feel-good chemicals are released when you exercise, which improves your mood and increases body confidence.

If any of these things resonate with you or your partner, it’s important to recognize them so you can solve them and improve libido and intimacy.

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