What the color of your urine means

urine colorWhen many of us need to urinate, we simply go to the bathroom, do our business, and flush it all down. But if you take a brief moment to have a look at the color of your urine, you could gain valuable insight into your health.

Seeing your urine, which is normally pale yellow, in a different color can be frightening, but the change does not necessarily signal a problem. Nevertheless, it is important to understand what the different colors mean so you know when to see your doctor and when there is nothing to worry about.

What the color of your urine means


Pink or red: Seeing pink or red can mean a slew of things, so it’s often important to see your doctor. Red urine can indicate bleeding, bladder cancer, kidney problems, or urinary tract infection. Get yourself checked out to determine the cause.

Clear: This is often a sign that you keep yourself well hydrated, and isn’t a cause for concern.

Dark yellow: This is a sign that you need to increase your fluid intake – so drink up!

Brown: You could be dehydrated if your urine is brown, or it could indicate a problem with your liver. Drink plenty of water and if the color doesn’t change, see your doctor.

Orange: Orange urine could be a sign of food coloring, mild dehydration, or a liver problem.


As you can see, the different colors of your urine can tell a lot about your health, from your level of hydration to potential problems in your urinary tract system and beyond. Paying attention to your diet and accompanying symptoms can help you narrow down on what can be causing the change in urine color.

If you’re concerned about the color of your urine, or the unusual color has been present for several days, don’t hesitate to see your doctor for further testing.

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