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Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis is a continuum of disorders, can affect location of inflammation in the gut suggests genetic data

Genetic data now suggests that Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis is a continuum or progression of disorders influenced by the location of inflammation in the gut. About 1.4 million Americans have Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. Diagnosis could be oversimplified though. This according to genetic data that shows the diseases are a complex continuum of here to read more

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis relapse may be triggered by sleep disturbances

Many people understand the importance of a getting a good night’s sleep, but recent research indicates that two inflammatory bowel diseases, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis could relapse due to sleep disturbances. Sleep disturbances are associated with absenteeism at work, as well as an increased need for healthcare services. Research shows that it is also here to read more

Have IBS? Use this Roadmap for Travel Success

Traveling can be a lot of fun; it allows us to meet new and interesting people, experience different cultures, and in some cases enjoy delicious new cuisines. However, if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) traveling can be challenging. Many people with intestinal disorders avoid trains, planes, buses, and car travel out of fear they here to read more

Top 3 Gastrointestinal Problems and Treatments

If you suffer from bloating, gas or indigestion, you’re not alone.  Gastrointestinal issues are a common problem in today’s society.  While the symptoms of gastrointestinal issues may be uncomfortable and embarrassing to talk about, it is essential that you learn what’s going on with your body so that you can manage your symptoms appropriately. This here to read more

Heartburn Drugs – Can They Break Your Hip?

Hip fractures are serious injuries that can result in permanent functional impairment, admission into nursing homes and an increased risk of death. Approximately 300,000 Americans suffer from hip fractures every year and 225,000 (or three-quarters) of hip fracture victims are female. Women are especially prone to fractures because their estrogen levels drop during menopause and here to read more


Man Claims He Has a Cure for Crohn’s Disease

If you suffer from digestive problems, including Crohn’s disease, you know just how disturbing the stomach symptoms can be to your everyday life.  According to, Ari Meisel who lives in New York, has found a way to manage his Crohn’s disease symptoms without drug therapy and believes that he has been “cured” of the here to read more

Foods That Won’t Cause Heartburn

Approximately one third of adults suffer from heartburn and if you’re one of them you know how uncomfortable it can be when you eat a food that triggers an attack.  Making careful food choices is important if you want to keep your stomach problems from disrupting your life. What is Heartburn? Heartburn is often called here to read more

Grocery Store Fixes for Nausea

At some point in your life, you’re going to suffer from a bout of nausea and when you do, you’ll probably be looking for natural digestion aids that will help to calm your stomach. Nausea is the sensation that your body wants to empty itself and can be disturbing to many aspects of your life. here to read more

Dealing With Painful Acid Reflux

Is your acid reflux making your feel worse after each meal? Are you wishing your body were capable of better digestion and now you are actively searching for digestion aids? Acid reflux is generally considered as a digestive disorder that is characterized by gastric acid resurfacing in the esophageal area. This event can be quite here to read more

How to Know if You Have Hemorrhoids.

Constipated and wished you had better digestion?  There are several signs regarding colon health that everyone needs to be aware of, especially when it concerns regular bowel movement.  Hemorrhoids are common structures in the anal canal that assist in the movement of the stool.  These structures are filled with blood vessels and connective tissues that here to read more

Do You Know Your Chances? Digestive Disease

People that suffer from digestive issues, including stomach problems, know just how embarrassing and disruptive these episodes can be. Digestive disorders are very common in Canada, with over 20 million Canadian suffering from digestive problems each year. Suffering from stomach problems disrupts an individuals’ personal as well as professional life. Many people find talking about here to read more

The Boom in Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that usually inhabit the digestive tract. They can easily become depleted from things such as antibiotic use, antibacterial hand soap, chlorinated drinking water, overuse of harsh cleaning chemicals and overconsumption of sugar and refined foods. A depletion of these beneficial bacteria is problematic because they play an important role in your here to read more