Can avocados get you in the mood?

avocadoWhen you think of foods that put you in the mood, oysters, chocolate, strawberries, wine, and whipped cream come to mind. What probably doesn’t pop into your head right away are avocados, but they should.

When you think of an avocado, you probably think of an over-priced fruit, millennials, or even hipsters. But, the avocado should have you thinking naughty, and here’s why…


Avocados are great at boosting your sex drive because they promote energy, and you need energy to have sex. Avocados contain essential nutrients, minerals, and healthy fats to ensure all your parts are working and that you feel your best. They can also promote a healthy heart, which is required to pump blood all around your body. The better your circulation, the better the many areas of your body required for sex can work and perform.

Avocados have also been shown to improve mood, and an improved mood can help get you in the mood.

If this doesn’t convince you to start eating avocados, then we have some other sexy food options for you including the infamous oysters, ginseng, truffles, and ginger. You may not think these foods are sexy either, but what makes a food sexy is how it can promote good health and your sex hormones.

Choosing foods rich in nutrients and intense aromas that support a healthy heart are truly sexy foods as they work to promote energy, circulation, mood, and performance. When you eat foods like steak—although healthy on occasion – you are actually bogged down and can be left too tired to perform your best in the bedroom.

The next time you’re putting together a sexy meal for you and your partner, ensure you are including some of the foods listed above. Not only are you getting in the mood, but it shows you care about your partner’s health too.

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