This is the best type of honey for good health

honeyAlthough sweet, honey is considered a natural healthier sweetener as it contains minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that may help support good health. Of course, like all things, you need to consume honey in moderation. But generally speaking, it is a far better sweetener than table sugar.

When you think of honey, you probably just think of the stuff you grab off the shelf in the bee-shaped bottle, but there are actually a wide variety of honey types that can affect your health differently. Types of honey include clover honey, manuka honey, sourwood honey, buckwheat honey, rosemary honey, dandelion honey, acacia honey, and eucalyptus honey. Each type of honey offers its own unique benefits, so trying different types of honey can help support overall health.


There is a new type of honey that is possibly outranking the rest when it comes to health benefits.

Jarrah honey is harvested in Australia from the jarrah tree. This honey is quite rare, which unfortunately makes it quite costly. Jarrah honey never used to be so pricey, though. In fact, it wasn’t until information about its antimicrobial properties was discovered that its price shot up.

Some studies on jarrah honey have already revealed that when applied topically, it can support skin cells. When ingested, it may help ward off illness and it can also be applied as an ointment for burns and scrapes. Jarrah honey may also be used to treat more serious infections too.

You may be thinking that these benefits are similar to manuka honey. You aren’t entirely wrong, but when examining microbials, jarrah honey has 50 percent more all while being sweeter in taste than manuka honey.


Although getting jarrah honey on the market has been a slow process, there are outlets in the U.S. that you can order it from.

If you can’t get your hands on jarrah honey, manuka honey is still a good honey option to support good health.

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