Eat this food to prevent memory loss

Almonds ward off brain function declineThe next time you need a snack or you’re packing your lunch, remember to include almonds, as they have been found to prevent memory loss.

With aging, there is some level of forgetfulness that is normal, but when you have difficulties remembering important events, names of loved ones, or any other piece of information that you would normally remember, that is a sign that your memory loss is far more serious than simply aging. It could also signify that you are missing important nutrients in your diet that can be provided by almonds.


Food is known to improve health by providing us with energy along with boosting our brains. The latest findings suggest that almond consumption may ward off the decline of brain function.

Almonds ward off brain function decline

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found eating almonds for lunch improved memory in the afternoon. The reason for this is that almonds have a positive effect on blood sugar levels. When blood sugar levels dip, then brain function can become impaired. Furthermore, almonds have nutrients that can promote energy and prevent tiredness.

The study, which was carried out by researchers at Purdue University, included 86 adults who were split into two groups. The groups were either fed an almond-enriched diet or an almond-free diet for 12 weeks.

After 30 minutes of lunch, the almond-free group had greater brain function decline than the group that consumed almonds.

Other notable benefits of almonds include lowering cholesterol, reducing stroke risk, and lowering blood pressure due to potassium levels.

So, if you’re looking to improve memory and boost energy levels, all it takes is a handful of almonds daily with your lunch.


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