6 Reasons You Should Get a Massage

massageEvery now and then, it’s nice to unwind with a massage. Essential oils, tranquil music, and low lighting all add to the relaxing ambience of receiving a massage. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the time or money to get massages frequently, so they are rare occurrences.

Yes, it’s true that massages are relaxing, but they can offer a wide range of other health benefits too which may prompt you to go get more.


Here are six of those benefits that massages can provide to your overall health.

Health Benefits of a Massage

Boosts recovery: Whether you sit all day at a desk, go on long flights, or regularly exercise, your muscles can become inflamed, stiff, and sore, which is why a massage is so beneficial. Massages can relieve all these symptoms and help you experience less pain throughout your day.

Improves circulation: Massages relax muscles, increase oxygen flow in the blood, and help to release toxins in the muscles. Improved circulation is essential for all bodily functions to work properly. When organs, tissues, and cells get a healthy dose of oxygenated blood, they can perform their best, making you feel your healthiest in return.

Improves mood: Due to the relaxing nature of massages, they can work to improve your mood too. This is because the parasympathetic nervous system becomes activated, so you experience mental clarity, restfulness, less stress, and improved sleep.

Improved sleep: As mentioned, massages make you feel relaxed allowing you to sleep better. There are some specific massages developed to simply promote sleep, so if you’re struggling, you may consider this as a mode of treatment.


Treat medical conditions: Some individuals use massages as a means to treat chronic migraines, some autoimmune disorders, and sinusitis. Always speak to your doctor prior to starting massages.

Improve posture and relieve pain from poor posture: Many of us spend our day slouched over, which can lead to pain. Not only will a deep tissue massage relieve this pain, but it can make you more self-aware of your posture.

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