5 tips to reduce your risk of this common infection

uti In the dead of winter, many of us take the time to jet set somewhere warmer. Maybe you’re a senior heading down south for a few months, or maybe you are traveling to see loved ones. Whatever your reason to travel is, just know that if you’re a female, it may increase your risk of developing a very common infection.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) affect women far more than men simply because of their anatomy. Although you can’t change how you were built, you can take the necessary steps to ensure you lower your risk of developing a UTI.


Traveling puts women at a higher risk of developing a UTI because when traveling, there are fewer opportunities to visit a bathroom.

Whether you’re planning a trip, on a trip, or even partaking in a staycation, here are five tips to keep in mind that can help reduce your risk of developing a urinary tract infection.

5 tips to prevent a UTI while traveling

Avoid sugary foods: You may be tempted to pick up some candy at the gas station or airport, but leaving them behind is a much smarter idea. Sugary foods can increase your body’s pH levels, particularly in the urinary tract. A higher pH level increases unhealthy bacteria, which can overgrow and cause infection. Stick to healthier snacks instead to lower your risk of a UTI.

Skip out on wine through your flight: Sure, it may be tempting to calm your nerves with some wine, but similar to sugar, wine increases pH levels. Regardless of your mode of transportation, save the booze for your destination.

Stay well hydrated: You may avoid drinking water because you don’t want to visit the bathroom several times, but being well hydrated can actually reduce your risk of a UTI. Every time you urinate, you are releasing bacteria and other toxins that can lead to infection. Furthermore, don’t hold your urine in even with the slightest urge to go.
Holing in urine drastically increases your risk of infection.


Avoid wearing spandex: Sure, you want to look good when you travel, but that spandex bodysuit isn’t just holding in your figure. It’s also adding unnecessary pressure on your bladder. Furthermore, spandex and other man made materials aren’t very breathable and they allow moisture to stay in an area that can trigger bacteria growth. Therefore, ensure you wear loose fitting clothes and especially items made from cotton.

Focus on your overall health prior to your travels: If your overall health is good, it is better equipped to fight off any bacteria that may be growing. Days leading up to your trip, eat the right foods that provide your body with essential nutrients to boost your immune system along with promoting energy.

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