4 foods to rev up your bedroom passion

4 foods to rev up your bedroom passionWhen was the last time you and your partner were intimate? If it’s taking you a while to remember, you’re very much over-do! Regardless of age, sex is an important aspect of your relationship – it creates feelings of togetherness, of being loved and connected. Wouldn’t you want to spark those feelings back up again?

Maybe stress, poor health, or other obligations have pulled you two away from each other, but it’s time to reignite the flame. And how do you propose to do so? Well, you can get started in the kitchen. In fact, you can eat your way to a sexier you, putting you in the mood for love.


So take a look at some of these foods and consider a romantic evening beginning with a meal, and ending in the bedroom.

Coffee and tea

Want to set the mood the moment you awaken? It all starts with your morning coffee or tea. Coffee isn’t just to get you through your day, it’s also beneficial for your sex-drive.

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Coffee and caffeinated tea increase dopamine in the brain – a neurotransmitter responsible for the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. High levels of dopamine result in a high sex drive, whereas low levels can cause a diminished one. If you haven’t been feeling in the mood, some caffeine may be the easy trick to get you there.

That cup of joe is also useful when it comes to energy and endurance. Just like how it gives you that get-up-and-go on a regular day, it can keep you going during your romantic days as well. Just remember that caffeine is considered a drug and should be consumed in moderation!

Strawberries and chocolate

No other food says romance as much as strawberries and chocolate. The red color ignites passion, the chocolate is sweet, and it’s a perfect combination for boosting your libido. But there’s more to this combination than its taste and appearance.

Strawberries are known to boost circulation, and the key to sex is circulation. The more blood your vital parts can receive, the better they can perform. In particular for men, strawberries’ high dose of vitamin C and antioxidants can improve sperm count. Add the power of chocolate to strawberries and you have yourself a mighty aphrodisiac.

A study that examined Italian women’s chocolate-eating habits along with their sex drive found that the more chocolate these women enjoyed, the more they wanted and enjoyed sex. Chocolate has the ability to promote mood and boost serotonin and dopamine. Similar to strawberries, it can boost circulation. Together, chocolate and strawberries can lead to increased desire and satisfaction when it comes to sex. Just ensure you opt for a darker chocolate with a higher cocoa percentage – that way you’ll also receive some heart-boosting benefits as well.


I’ll have to admit there isn’t much that is sexy about broccoli, but it can be quite helpful in boosting your libido!

Like strawberries, broccoli is high in vitamin C for good circulation. For men, broccoli is particularly beneficial as it has Indole-3-carbinol – a compound to reduce estrogen. The male sex-drive goes up as testosterone becomes more dominant.

So if you’re looking for a healthy side-dish to your romantic meal, opt for broccoli for its libido-boosting properties.

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Eggs are packed with protein and can provide you will all-day energy – making them a must-have food for your sex life.

If you experience anxiety or performance nerves, eggs are great to calm you down and keep your mind clear and free from anxiety. Their B vitamins work to reduce stress, which frees you up to focus on desire.


Eating eggs makes you more focused and energized, which goes a long way for activity between the sheets.

When it comes to re-sparking that fire you once had, try enjoying meals with the right foods. Whether you start in the morning with eggs and coffee, or finish your day with strawberries and chocolate, these foods will help to put you in a passionate mood.

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