Boost your libido (and have more sex) by doing more of this

boost libido naturallyWhen you consider activities preformed in the bedroom, two come to mind: Sleeping and sex. They may not seem like they have much in common, besides the use of a bed, but the amount of sleep you get may actually determine how much sex you’re having.

There are many benefits of sleep, from providing us with energy to recharging our bodies, sleep plays a key role in our lives. This is why it should be of no surprise that proper sleep can also affect your libido, according to new research. If your sex drive has been fizzing as of late and you’re looking for a natural way to boost it back up, look no further than adding an extra hour of sleep a night.

More sleep means…more sex

sleep improves sexThe study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, revealed that among women, adding an additional hour of sleep a night may increase their sexual desire by 14 percent.

The research comprised 171 healthy females who had at least one sexual partner. Over a span of two weeks, the women were asked questions with regard to their sexual activity –

for example, “Did you have sex in the last 24 hours?” The women were also asked about their quality of sleep.

The researchers discovered that those who reported having a good night’s rest and slept the most were more likely to have an increase in sexual desire as well as sexual activity. This research confirms that sleep can greatly impact your sex life and sleep deprivation, in turn, can hinder it.

Although this research focused on boosting women’s libido, previous research has examined sleep deprivation and male sexual health. In research published in Sleep, men who were sleep-deprived perceived women’s sexual intent to be higher than that of men’s. This may be so, because during sleep-deprivation, morals and reasoning become affected. Proper sleep, then, is key to making logical decisions, particularly when it comes to sex.

Boost your libido naturally

Health benefits of sexThe easiest way to boost libido and sexual desire is simply by sleeping, but there are other things you can do for similar results.

For starters, there are foods you can enjoy that can improve your sex drive; avocados improve circulation which boosts libido. Minimize your drinking, as it can inhibit your ability to perform and put you right to sleep instead. Lastly, reduce your stress, which can keep you down in the dumps reducing your desire for sex.

If natural means don’t work to increase your sex drive, then you may consider consulting a doctor. Many other factors may play into low sexual desire, such as medications, pre-existing medical conditions or a mental illness. All of these can weigh heavily on your sex drive, so getting checked out is a good start to getting you back on track.

As well, please don’t let your age be a factor as to why you’re not enjoying sex. Recent research has found that sex actually improves after being with someone for over 50 years. Embrace your spouse no matter how old you are getting! As long as you keep an open conversation with each other about needs and desires, there are no issues why you can’t enjoy sex like you once did.

These tips are a sure way to help improve your sex life, so why not start today? You know you’ll have a great night’s sleep afterward, so the sexual desire doesn’t have to end!

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