6 ways to have all-day energy without coffee

Portrait Of Grandfather And Grandson With FootballFor many of us, drinking some hot coffee is an easy way to stay awake and energized. Although there isn’t anything wrong with that per se, relying on coffee isn’t always a solution. You see, coffee drinking can get pretty addictive. Eventually, that one cup is not enough, so we up on our caffeine to feel awake. Plus, many of us add milk, cream, or sugar to our coffee which translate into unnecessary calories.

Solution for your lack of energy? Finding other ways to boost energy as an alternative to your morning – or afternoon – brew.

6 natural ways to boost energy


Let the sunshine in: Letting the sunshine into your bedroom first thing in the morning can provide you with an energy boost as it signals your body’s internal clock it’s time to get going. Furthermore, a light therapy box has been shown to offer similar benefits, especially for those who live in areas where it can get quite dark during the fall or winter.

Cool down: Now that you’ve let the sun in, you’re probably going to hop in the shower. Although having a hot shower is relaxing, taking a cold shower will keep you alert. If taking a cold shower doesn’t sound appealing, you can achieve similar effects by splashing cold water on your face.

Laugh: Laughing boosts energy as it increases blood flow within 15 minutes.

Grab some carbohydrates: There are good carbs and bad ones, but opting for the goods ones – like sweet potatoes or nuts – can keep you energized instead of leaving you with a sugar crash.


Chew some gum: Chewing gum temporarily boosts alertness without the glucose crash, which can happen with sugar-loaded snacks. The chewing motion increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, further promoting alertness.

See red: Painting your nails red, wearing red, or keeping a red object in your home or office can keep you energized. The sight of red chili peppers has been shown to temporarily boost speed and strength, so if you find yourself slowing down, just look for something red.

As you can see, there are many caffeine-free ways to get your day started and to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. The trick is finding which ones work best for you when you are down.



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