Low energy? These simple fixes can help

low energyAs you are getting older, you may find you simply don’t have the energy you once did to do the activities you love. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to let your older years zap you off your favorite activities. Try these eight fixes for a boost of energy – and see what happens.

8 fixes for low energy

Become more decisive: Did you know your indecisiveness could be contributing to fatigue and low energy? It’s true. Believe it or not, you are getting exhausted just from trying to make up your mind. A study from German researchers found making brash decisions can combat fatigue. Case in point, try going with your gut and stop second-guessing yourself.


Be colorful: Color can actually affect our energy levels. If all you’re seeing is gray and black, you could be feeling way more tired than if you were looking at more vibrant hues. Add a splash of bright color to your wardrobe, meals, even surroundings for a constant access to quick energy boosts throughout your day.

Take time away from technology: Technology can be exhausting. Looking at the screen all day can have you feeling drained. Make sure you unplug yourself from time to time and resist the urge to reply to emails or text messages right away.

Forget regret: Holding on to a regret can be an energy zapper. Take the time to deal with your mistakes, then move past them. Don’t let things from the past steal your energy.

Jump around: The simple act of jumping not only increases your heart rate, but it can promote energy as well. Jumping triggers enthusiasm, so pick random moments to take a leap and watch your energy surge.

Applaud your accomplishments: Make a list of all the wonderful things you have accomplished as a simple way to boost energy. It’s easy to dwell on the things that are pending, which adds to the tiredness. Instead, boast about your achievements and feel more energized.

Use cold water: Ever noticed how alert you become when you step into cold water? Although a lake or a pool isn’t always available, you can run cold water over your wrists for a quick energy boost.

Try mint: The smell of mint is enough to wake up the senses, so start off your day on the right path with a mint-flavored toothpaste, for example. Even throughout the day, you can chew on a mint gum or sip on some mint tea for an extra shot of energy.

By trying out these simply energy fixes, you can get back to living your life and spend more time out of bed.

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