6 tips to boost your bedroom performance

Mature couple sitting in deck chairs at parkHas sex become mundane with age? Remember the electrifying passion between you and your partner in your earlier years? Just because you’ve gotten older doesn’t mean that the flame has to start dwindling. Sure, you may have become busier and, yes, it’s true, many health aspects change with each passing year, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on having a fiery sex life like you once had.

Case in point, below you will find six ways to reignite that flame and feel like a teenager again.

6 ways to ignite your libido and have the best sex ever


Have sex somewhere else: The conventional place to have sex is in the bedroom, but that may start feeling too routine. If you want to spice up your love life once again, pick a different room that isn’t the one you sleep in.

Get a massage: Studies have found getting a deep tissue massage makes you more relaxed and ready for intimate touches. Plus, pampering yourself puts you in the “I deserve this” state of mind, which can help you own your sexual desires. Why not try a couple’s massage, or better yet offer each other a massage as part of the foreplay?
Create a setting: Sometimes, your room just isn’t very romantic, and that is why you need to create the right ambience. Light some candles, put out some flowers, and maybe have some slow jams playing in the background. Creating a setting can sure help you get in the mood.

Free up your time: We’re all busy, so everything we do tends to be rushed – sex included. Take your time when it comes to foreplay and forget about the ticking clock. Stay present, and watch how much more you actually enjoy sex. Instead of looking at your watch, just live in the moment and take your time.

Get you heart racing: Before sex, try an activity that really gets your heart pumping. Increasing your heart rate triggers a response similar to sexual arousal, so you can start feeling sexier.

Pretend you’re on vacation: Recall your best sex moments – some of them probably took place during vacation time. There is something about being on vacation that just increases sexual pleasure, but even if you can’t get away doesn’t mean you can’t fake it. Scent your home with something tropical, walk around in your bathing suits, and don’t forget to apply lotion to each other! Changing your state of mind to a more relaxing fun time can help you boost your libido and have the best sex ever in your very own home.



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