5 causes and fixes for low libido

Middle Aged Couple Embracing In BedSex may seem more like a chore now that you’re older, but it is still an important part of your relationship and even health. Unfortunately, there are many things that can get in the way of your thriving sex life, which is why you’re not having as much of it as you once were.

The good news is, the five common causes of low libido discussed below can be easily addressed. Read on to boost your sex drive and get back to intimacy.

5 causes of your low sex drive and easy fixes


You take certain medications: Taking medications may seem like a normal part of aging, but unfortunately some of those drugs could be robbing you of your sex drive. Medications like antidepressants or heartburn drugs can put a damper on your libido.

If you’ve noticed your interest in sex has been steadily declining since starting on some medications, speak to your doctor about this side effect as there may be an alternative medication you can take.

You’re too busy: It may seem silly, but some people are just too busy for sex. Torn between work, family, and other commitments, it seems like the minute you get home all you want to do is fall asleep.

Consider scheduling sex or planning a getaway trip for you and your partner. Having something to look forward to can boost anticipation, while a change in scenery can even make sex more enjoyable.
You’re stressed: If one of you is always stressed, sex can once again be placed on the backburner. Not to mention, being constantly stressed can start taking a negative toll on your overall health.

Why not do yourself a favor and use sex as a natural stress reliever then? Not only will you finally be doing the deed, but you will feel much more relaxed. Keep in mind, though, this is only a temporary solution – it’s important that you get down to the bottom of your chronic stress and take the problem under control.


You don’t feel like yourself: Aging comes along with many changes both on the inside and the outside. As a result, you may not be quite feeling like yourself. Whether you’ve gone through menopause and now your hormones are all over the place, or your body is changing and you don’t like the way you look, these things can affect your sex life.

It’s important you address any concerns you may have about aging with someone, even your doctor. Your discomfort could be stemming from a deeper problem like a mental illness, which you need to look after.

You’re always too tired: Always being tired isn’t sexy, and you won’t feel in the mood when all you can think about is catching up on some shut-eye. Try taking a nap before sex. Or, instead of having sex at night, start your morning with some action between the sheets – you may find yourself more energized and even skipping that morning coffee afterwards.



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