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Blood sugar levels now easier to control

diabetes, insulin, treatment, insulin, diabetesOdds are you or someone you know has type 2 diabetes, and finds monitoring their food intake and managing blood sugar levels a challenge.

It’s not easy to pass up all those sweets and cocktails, either…

To that end, insulin pumps have freed many diabetics from a routine of precisely-timed injections, but the treatment option may also provide … Read More

This popular exercise won’t solve your health problems after all

shutterstock_18500491Stretching and breathing your way through yoga poses is good for the body and spirit. I’ve tried it myself – getting into “corpse” pose at the end is like floating on cloud nine!

This ancient practice has taken off in North America in various forms, like gentle yoga for seniors, yoga bootcamp and even laughter yoga that taps … Read More

When tremors and shaking could be something serious

Parkinson's diseaseGood news if you know someone suffering from Parkinson’s disease, the degenerative condition known for its telltale shakes, tremors and difficulty with simple tasks.

A newly discovered gene could lead to an exciting new treatment.

The groundbreaking study of Parkinson’s disease was conducted by the University of California and led by Dr. Ming Guo, a practicing neurologist and … Read More

Simple fix could prevent kidney failure

KIDNEY DISEASE, TREATMENTDon’t we all like an easy fix for medical problems? Well, here’s one that doesn’t involve popping a pill (I try to steer people on a more natural path) but should have you lacing up those walking shoes in no time.

New research from China Medical University Hospital in Taiwan is showing real promise. The research, published in … Read More

Contagion! Treatment options threatened as antibiotic resistance rises

antiobiotic, treatmentWith new strains of viruses popping up every day, the first go-to fast and easy solution has tended to be antibiotics.

However, with overuse, resistance to these drugs has become a real problem. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) warned in its April report that common infections may soon become killers unless we take action in a … Read More

New ‘bionic’ solution to improve your vision (the future is here!)

VISION, TREATMENTWe live in a high-tech world and advances in the health care field are changing lives, I’m proud to say. Scientists have developed advanced prosthetic arms and legs to give new hope to those with limited mobility. “Bionic” eyes may be next for those with vision trouble.

A new treatment is in the testing stages that could restore … Read More

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