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Why Blowing Off that Doctor’s Visit Could Shorten Your Life

doctor adviceYou may think that blowing off a doctor’s appointment or two is no big deal, but think again.  Along with aging comes a variety of health concerns that you may be trying to avoid; however, avoiding your doctor can lead to serious problems that could land you in the emergency room.  Below are three reasons that you shouldn’t … Read More

Too Embarrassed to Talk About It? Hemorrhoids…

121040755By the age of 50, approximately half of adults have experienced the itching, bleeding and discomfort associated with hemorrhoids; so why are we all so embarrassed to talk about this common ailment?  The reality is, if you’re suffering with hemorrhoids you likely have a friend or family member that has suffered with them at one point in their … Read More

Deaths From Soda Enormous Cause for Concern

stk74567corMost people are well aware that soda is unhealthy, that it’s loaded with sugar, and that it can lead to weight gain, however a surprising amount of people continue to drink it anyways. In fact, half of all Americans consume soda on a daily basis, and 5 percent of Americans over the age of 2, consume a whopping … Read More

The Most Deadly Food in the USA Revealed

stk72877corMost of us think that as long as we minimize drinking alcohol and refrain from smoking, our chances of developing major diseases and requiring emergency medical attention is smaller.  Coupling this scheme with eating sufficient amounts of fruits and vegetables and engaging in regular exercise may also enhance good health.  However, a recent report published in the journal … Read More

Are Prescriptions More Dangerous Than Drug Abuse?

78467366Many people are drawn to the escape that drugs seem to offer. The problem is that escape comes with huge risks that could land you in an emergency situation. While many people are careful to pay attention to the warning “Say No to Drugs”, they just might be surprised to hear what the experts say are the most … Read More

A Real Emergency – Toxic Chemicals in Food

160041839When the Food Safety Modernization Act was signed into law by President Barack Obama in 2011 it put a lot of people’s minds at ease about food consumption in America. It gave many people the impression there would be fewer emergency situations associated with food. The Act however; only covers bacteria, and Americans are now learning that there … Read More

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