COPD patients can benefit from music therapy: Study

COPD patients can benefit from music therapy: StudyCOPD patients can benefit from music therapy, according to research. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease affects a person’s lungs and breathing, and the study found that music therapy in conjunction with traditional therapies can help improve symptoms better than standard treatment alone.

Symptoms of COPD include shortness of breath, wheezing, an ongoing cough, frequent colds and flu, and tightness in the chest.


The study involved 68 participants who were diagnosed with chronic disabling respiratory diseases, including COPD. Over the course of six weeks, a randomized group underwent musical therapy involving live music, visualizations, wind instrument playing and singing, which incorporated breath control techniques.

Joanne Loewy, DA, Director of the Louis Armstrong Center for Music and Medicine at MSBI, said, “The care of chronic illness is purposefully shifting away from strict traditional assessments that once focused primarily on diagnosis, morbidity, and mortality rates. Instead, the care of the chronically ill is moving toward methods that aim to preserve and enhance quality of life of our patients and activities of daily living through identification of their culture, motivation, caregiver/home trends, and perceptions of daily wellness routines.”

“Music therapy has emerged as an essential component to an integrated approach in the management of chronic respiratory disease. The results of this study provide a comprehensive foundation for the establishment of music therapy intervention as part of pulmonary rehabilitation care,” concluded coauthor Dr. Jonathan Raskin.

Other alternative remedies for COPD

COPD treatment aims to relieve symptoms, slow progression of the disease, improve exercise tolerance, prevent and treat complications, and improve overall health. These goals can be met with medical intervention and treatment coupled with alternative methods.

Here are some of those other alternative remedies that can help COPD patients reach their treatment goals.

  • Control your breathing: Speak with your doctor or breathing specialist to find ways to better control your breathing.
  • Clear your airways: Keep your airways clear of mucus by drinking water, using a humidifier, and controlling your coughs.
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise improves overall strength and respiratory muscles.
  • Eat healthy foods: A healthy diet keeps your weight in check and maintains overall strength.
  • Avoid smoke and air pollution.
  • See your doctor regularly.

Preventing COPD is possible as the majority of cases are directly related to smoking. Therefore, if you are a smokier stop smoking now.

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