7 foods to improve your bedroom performance

Lagging libidoIs your sex drive stuck in neutral? Your libido lagging and leaving you insecure in the bedroom? The answer may be in your diet! While stress and fatigue are known libido killers, the absence of these seven foods in your meals may also be contributing to a lackluster performance. Continue reading to learn which seven foods you should be eating to rev up your sex drive and boost your prowess in the bedroom.

Seven foods to boost libido

Want to naturally jumpstart your sex drive? Mix in some of these seven libido-boosting foods into your daily diet.


Garlic. While the root is synonymous with smelly breath – not exactly sexy – it also contains a compound that increases blood flow and circulation to the genitals. Enjoy some with your dinner – just make sure you brush your teeth before taking it to the bedroom. (Miracle fruit lowers cholesterol in 30 days.)

Almonds. These high protein snacks can do more than just keep you satiated between meals. Men who snack on almonds regularly also benefit from increased production of male hormones that help regulate the sex drive.

Figs. Figs have been referred to as the “food of the Gods” and the “food of love”, and for good reason! These sweet fruits are loaded with natural aphrodisiacs that can ignite your sex drive and increase your stamina.

Asparagus. Some experts have asserted that eating three stalks of asparagus daily can boost your sex drive, thanks to its high levels of certain libido-enhancing vitamins.

Bananas. The yellow fruits are full of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that have all been associated with increasing the production of sex hormones.

Avocados. One of the latest health food trends, avocados have more benefits than you may have realized. While they’re a fantastic source of healthy fats, they also contain vitamins and minerals that increase energy, regulate sex hormones, and boost libido for men and women. (Hidden secret to women’s aging health revealed.)


Chilies. Hot chili peppers contain a chemical that triggers the production and release of endorphins, which – on top of making you feel good – can also stimulate nerve endings and raise your heart rate.

Next time you feel your libido is lagging, try reaching for one of these foods to help start your sex drive and better your bedroom performance.

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