10 foods to avoid for healthy joints

10 foods to avoid for healthy jointsUnless brought by an injury, joint pain is usually caused by inflammation. Inflammation, normally, is intended to help speed up recovery and prevent damage, but oftentimes inflammation can actually be causing many problems including joint pain.

Joint pain can be a nuisance, an inconvenience limiting our abilities to get out and enjoy the things we love to do. If you’re tired of falling a victim to your joint pain time and time again, a simple solution may be to look at your diet and remove those food items that are contributing to inflammation.


That’s right, food can actually increase inflammation, and with more inflammation comes more joint pain.

Here is a list of the top 10 foods that are contributing to your joint pain. You may want to remove them permanently from your grocery list, if you want pain-free joints.

10 foods that trigger joint pain

French fries: That side order to your burger is causing your joints to hurt. Really, fried food in general can contribute to painful joints as it boosts inflammation.

White bread: Foods high in refined flour trigger inflammation, so swap out the white stuff for some whole grains instead.

Coffee creamer: Coffee creamers are high in trans fat, which is an inflammation trigger.

Doughnuts: Refined flour with added sugar is an inflammation starter pack. When you eat pastries like doughnuts, many pro-inflammatory signals are released, causing your joints to hurt more.

Excess alcohol: Some alcohol is beneficial, but too much of a good thing causes joint pain.

Crackers: Often portrayed as a healthy snack, crackers are usually over-processed with flour, sugar, and even trans fat. Furthermore, they contain oil, which can further trigger inflammation.

Breakfast cereal: Read this point with caution, as some breakfast cereal can trigger inflammation resulting in joint pain, and other varieties are quite safe. It’s all about taking the time to read the label and ingredients to decipher which are good and which are bad. Opt for cereal high in fiber and whole grains, and avoid the varieties with white flour and sugar.
Bacon: Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite breakfast meat (unless you’re vegetarian, of course) can be the cause of your joint pain. Bacon is loaded with saturated fat – also found in hot dogs and bologna – which can very well lead to inflammation.


Granola bars: Like cereal, there are good and bad granola bars. Some are packed with artificial flavors and are highly processed, and others are wholesome and quite good for you. Just be cautious when purchasing granola bars, as you don’t want the variety that will keep you in pain.

Sweetened yogurt: The name basically explains the problem: sweetened means sugar, and sugar means your joints will hurt. Stick with plain, unsweetened yogurt and sweeten it naturally with added fruit or honey instead.

If these foods are staples in your diet and you are experiencing joint pain, it may be time to cut them out. You may find that you’re reaching for painkillers less often as a result of your diet change.



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